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Plenary Presentations

Plenary 1: Creating a culture of health through innovation and partnership

People-centered health services: The WHO perspective and its global strategy
Nittita PRASOPA-PLAIZIER, WHO headquarters, Programme Manager Patient Safety and Quality Improvement, Lead Patient Safety and Community Engagement, Service Delivery and Safety

Advancing patient-centred care: The Planetree model
Patrick A. CHARMEL, Chairman Planetree, President & CEO Griffin Hospital (USA)

Health services meeting community expectations – Learnings from 'Down under'
Dr. Karen LUXFORD, Australian Clinical Excellence Commission in Sydney (AUS)

Plenary 2: Creating health promoting healthcare delivery systems through innovative partnerships in policy

Innovative partnerships with patients to change healthcare policy structures - Creating a patient-centered healthcare system
Susan E. SHERIDAN, Patient Centred Outcomes Research Institute Washington D.C. (USA)

Plenary 3: Involving professionals and clients in developing a health promoting organizational culture

'Care with devotion' - Patient involvement within hospital boards
Cor CALIS, Director Haven Hospital Rotterdam, member of Planetree International Board of Directors (NED)

Health literate healthcare organizations: The role of participation
Dr. Bernard ROSOF, National Quality Forum in Washington, D.C., Chair of IOM roundtable on HL, connections with the large North Shore-LIJ system (USA)

The HPH standard and the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard Medical School: Working together to tackle the challenge of NCDs during health reform
Dr. Cristina AGUZZOLI, HPH Network Fruili Venezia Giulia (ITA) and Dr. Edward PHILLIPS, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Harvard Medical School (USA)

Plenary 4: Innovative Health Promoting direct service provision

Preventing readmissions among racially and ethnically diverse Medicare beneficiaries
Aswita Tan-McGRORY, Harvard Medical School (USA)

Plenary 5: To promote health and well-being, how do we move on?

Health Promotion: From clinics, to culture
Dr. David KATZ, Yale professor, director of Yale-Griffin Preventive Research Center (USA)

Conference highlights for HPH: The next steps of the network
Dr. Sally FAWKES, Senior Lecturer Public Health, La Trobe University (AUS)

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