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Plenary Presentations

Plenary 1: Identifying the comprehensive health needs of the main stakeholders in healthcare

Priorities for health systems strengthening in the European Region 2015–2020: walking the talk on people centredness
Hans KLUGE, Director of the Division of Health Systems and Public Health, Special Representative of the Regional Director to Combat MXDR-TB, the WHO Regional office for Europe (DNK)

Patients – the greatest untapped resource
Angela COULTER, Senior Research Scientist in the Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford (GBR)

Comprehensive health needs – the staff perspective
Lee-Nah HSU, International Labour Organization (CHE)

Comprehensive health needs – the patient perspective
The Youth Council from Akershus university hospital interviewed by the hospitals CEO Øystein Mæland (NOR)

Plenary 2: Co-producing health in partnership between professionals and patients

Empowering people for recovery
David W. COVINGTON, Recovery Innovations, Inc. (USA)

Motivational dialogue in health promotion – a method in advanced practice nursing
Lisbeth FAGERSTRØM, Buskerud and Vestfold University College (NOR)

Co-producing health – the role of children's rights
Gerison LANSDOWN, Freelance international child rights consultant (GBR)

Plenary 3: Organizational models and examples on health promotion in continued and integrated care

Continuous care – the public health perspective
Camilla STOLTENBERG, Director General Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NOR)

Promoting health through integrated health care systems
Chris HAM, Kings Fund (GBR)

Comprehensive health needs of patients. Integrated health care - The coordination reform in Norway: Why and how
Tor ÅM, Project Director, Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services (NOR)

Health promotion in continuous and integrated care – the public health perspective – examples from mental health
Fabio LUCCHI, Brescia (ITA), Angelo FIORITTI, Bologna (ITA)

Plenary 4: Using new media & technologies to address people's comprehensive health needs

Digital health: fast forward but leaving nobody behind
Bob GANN, NHS England (GBR)

Understanding the hospital patient experience through service design
Allison MATTHEWS and Marc MATTHEWS, Mayo Clinic (USA)

New media and technologies in lifestyle improvement
Alan SIU, HPH Coordinator, Hong Kong (HKG)

Using telemedicine to improve co-production of health in integrated care
Per HASVOLD, Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine (NOR)

Plenary 5: Take-home-messages

Take-home message from the perspective of the IUHPE
Isabelle AUJOULAT, International Union of Health Promotion and Education, Louvain (BEL)

Take-home message from the perspective of the Norwegian Directorate of Health
Johan TORGERSEN, Specialized Health Care Services Division, Norwegian Directorate of Health (NOR)

Take-home message from the perspective of the Norwegian Women's Public Health Association
Grete HERLOFSON, Norwegian Women’s Public Health Association (NOR)



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