Local Host

The local host of the 25th International HPH Conference is the HPH Network Austria, "Österreichisches Netzwerk Gesundheitsfördernder Krankenhäuser und Gesundheitseinrichtungen - ONGKG". You can find the website of the network (in German) here.


Green Meeting

The 25th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services aims to be certified according to the guidelines for the Green Meetings Ecolabel and according to the guidelines for EcoEvents of the City of Vienna.

Our request to you… 

  • If possible, opt for an environmentally friendly way of travelling to Vienna by public transport or carpool.
  • If you are unable or do not want to travel without a car, or if you have to travel by air, make up for the CO2 emissions by paying a compensation.(e.g. www.atmosfair.de, www.myclimate.org, www.climateaustria.at)
  • Make use of your hotel's environmental programme (e.g. by not requiring towels and sheets to be exchanged every day).
  • Turn off all the lights and electric appliances (TV set, air conditioning, heating, computer etc.) when you leave your hotel room temporarily.
  • No single portion packages = more environmental protection: Go for beverages in jugs or big bottles, meals on reusable dishes, milk and sugar that are not packaged in single portions etc.
  • Use the waste separation system at the hotel and conference venue to dispose of your waste (PET bottles, glass, paper, metal, batteries etc.).
  • Within the city, use public transport, walk or use the bike. At the conference venue, a sufficient number of bicycle stands is available. (Bikes can be rent here)

Let's consider the future and act with sustainability in mind…

Info as pdf

Info about the Austrian Ecolabel

Info about EcoEvent Vienna


If you have any questions about the Green Meetings Ecolabel, please contact daniela.filzwieser(at)austropa(punkt)at.






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