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O2.06: Child and adolescents health

Health promoting from the very first day: Japanese mothers’ experiences and perceptions of breastfeeding support in the United States and Austria

The Relationship between Breastfeeding, Postpartum Depression, and Weight retention among Taiwanese Women in a Mother-Child Friendly Hospital
Lee-Ching HWANG, Shu-Chen LEE, Yu-Hua CHEN, Hsin-Hui SHAO

BambiniMoltoInForma: an integrated program for obesity prevention in childhood in Reggio Emilia
Elena FERRARI, AnnaMaria DAVOLI, Simone STORANI, Laura BONVICINI, Serena BROCCOLI, Francesca FERRARI, Alessandro VOLTA, Paolo GIORGI ROSSI

"How to prevent mistreating healthy children: The Münchhausen by Proxy-Syndrom in everyday health care"
Rainer PAUL

The setting based approach for mental health in young people: Coordinating Centre of wellbeing in school
Cristina AGUZZOLI, Corinna MICHELIN, Calogero ANZALLO, Sabrina FOSSELLA, Luciano PLETTI, Miryam VIDI, Franco PERAZZA, Franco LORU, Paola TROLESE, Wally CULOT, Igor DAMILANO, Anna CONDOLF, Marco FRAGIACOMO, Eleonora IPPOLITO, Elisa TORSELLI, Cinzia BRAIDA

Links Between Classroom Acoustics and Repetitive Behaviors in Preschool Children with Autism: An Observational Study

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