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O3.05: Healthy nutrition

Reducing food waste through sustainable procurement: case studies from the European healthcare sector
Grazia CIOCI

Green Public Food Procurement in Vienna Hospital Association benefits to patients and environment
Bernhard KROMP, Katharina ROTH

Nudging consumer food choices for better health
Kirstan CORBEN, Kia NOBLE, Sacha FILIA, Gemma SMOKER, Emma DEAN

Combat the vending machine - A successful implementation of healthy vending machines at Assuta Medical Centers

An Evaluation of "Detective Conan" Project - Make Healthy Food Choice the Easy Choice.
Yi-Ling LAI, Ching-Yuan CHEN, Sou-Hsin CHIEN, Pin-Yi CHANG, Hung-I WU, Yi-Hua LIU, Lin-Ying HSU

Effects of probiotic supplementation on amelioration of body fat accumulation and weight gain: a potential strategy to reduce obesity in the future
Chun-Yan YEUNG, Ta-Chuan HUNG, Jen-Shiu CHIANG CHIAU, Mei-Lien CHENG, Chia-Yuan LIU, Ching-Wei CHANG, Hung-Chang LEE

Vegetarian diet is associated with lower risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver and liver fibrosis
Tina H. T. CHIU, Ming-Nan LIN, Wen-Harn PAN, Yen-Ching CHEN, Chin-Lon LIN

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