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P1.02: Health promoting health services

Hospital image and compensation/benefit system on organizational attractiveness
Yu Hua YAN

How to improve ambulance prehospital electrocardiogram implantation rate- a 5-year city based multicenter trail
Wei-Chun HUANG, Yi-Jyan LIOU, Wen-Chu KAO, Kuan-Rau CHIOU, Li-Shuang YAN, Hong-Long CHEN, Jin-Shiung CHENG, Chun-Peng LIU

How to improve the ratio of ambulance use in patients after ST elevation myocardial infarction?
Wei-Chun HUANG, Cheng-Chung HUNG, Li-Shuang YAN, Yi-Jyan LIOU, Guang-Yuan MAR, Chun-Peng LIU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

The new strategies of Integrated Delivery System may improve quality of care in the sub-acute respiratory care center
Hsueh-Ping TAI, Ting-Hua YU, David Lin LEE, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Multidisciplinary care model can improve health-related quality of life in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension
Chin-Chang CHENG, Wei-Chun HUANG, Ko-Long LIN, Cheng-Hung CHIANG, Feng-Yu KUO, Chun-Peng LIU, Jin-Shiung Cheng

Use Interdepartmental Teamwork to Improving the time for Neurology's Patients Examination
Hsin-Ling CHUNG, Hsueh-Mei CHENG, Hsiu-Ling CHENG

Application of a SIP TEA model in team meeting to improve interprofessional collaborative practice
Chia-Yi LEE, Ching-Fen TSOU, Ya-Ling HUANG, Shu-Hui HUANG

A Project to Enhance the completeness of Transfer Process from Wards to the Intensive Care Unit
Ya-Chuen JAN, Yueh-E LIN

Improve transfer rate of acute cerebral vascular disease patients to “Post-acute medical treatment care model”
Feng-Chun LIU, You-Chien HSU

Reducing the Time Spent on One-stop Services for Injury Inspection and Evidence Collection of Sexual Assault Victims
Wan-Lin HUANG, Meng-Ling CHANG, Chan-Chih CHENG, Chen-Ting HSU, Chi-Chang CHU, Yi-Leng FANG, Chun-Mei LIU, Yi-Fan TSAI

Use Nursing Consultation System improves the care with Dysphagia's Patient
Hsin-Ling CHUNG, Hsiu-Ling CHENG, Chiou-Yu WU

Improving the correctness of bundle intervention for ventilator associated pneumonia in intensive care unit
Tzu-Yin LIU, Wan Yin HSU

Experience of Bundle intervention for Ventilator associated pneumonia in the ICU
Mei-Lin YEH, Ya-Meei LUE, Yan-Chiou KU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

A preliminary study on whether the ability of self - care can be improved by carrying out the pre - and post - test of health education instruction
Shu-Chun WU, Fu-Lian CHUANG, Yan-Choiu KU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

An Investigation on Reducing the Re-examination Rate for Emergency Specimen Clotting
Bey-Jing YANG, Jiann-Fu LIN, Ya-Hsiu CHANG, Shu-Wei WU, Tzu-I CHIEN, Mo Siu-Mei LEE

A patient-centered Nursing Care in Conjunction with the Multidisciplinary Heart Failure Care Team for a Patient with Severe Systolic Heart Failure
Ya-Chun TSENG, Hsiang-Chun LEE

Effectiveness of stroke care by using post-acute care program – one hospital experience in the middle of Taiwan
Chi-Hsun LIEN, Yen-Wen LU, Hui-Jen CHEN, Hung-Yi HSU

Prevention of pressure sores from surgery through pressure relieving equipment
Xiao-Ling HUANG, Yi-Fan TSAI

The Effect of Replacing Small-Volume Nebulizers on Contamination in Elderly Patients
Shin Yu CHEN, Yin Yin CHEN, Fu Der WANG

Improve the implementation rate of End of Life care for nursing staff
Hui-Chun HSU, Shiow-Rong JEANG, Feng-Yu HUANG, Mei-Na LIN, Chin-Chin CHEN, Ya-Mei CHEN, Tzu-Chan LU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

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