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P1.04: Health literacy and health literate organizations

Using "C-I-CARE" to Reduce the Complaint Rate in the Sub-acute Respiratory Care Ward in a Medical Center
Yihan WANG

An Empirical Study on Value Co-creation between Health Services Consumers and Providers - Service Dominant Logic Perspective
Yu Hua YAN

The orientation activity of following the trace and virtue of Dr. MacKay
Jung-En PENG, Hui-Wen CHENG, Chia-Ying HSIAO, Chi-Feng LIN

Town development with healthy life expectancy at 60 days health up ~From the result of 2015~

Group of Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for employees with psycho-physiological stress : An outcome study.
Chun-Jun LIN, Yi-Chun LIN, Kuo-Yang HUANG, Zheng-Dian HSU, Hui-Ting HUANG

Investigation on the Level of Awareness of the Importance of Light Management on Patient health Among ICU Nurses in a General Hospital: A Preliminary Study
Jisoo SONG, Hyun-Chung KIM, Jung-Hyun KIM, Suu-Young SHIN, Seung-Ji YOO

Development and Validation of the Multidimensional Mandarin Health Literacy Questionnaire (MMHLQ)
Mi-Hsiu WEI, Ying-Wei WANG, Mei-Chuan CHANG, Jyh-Gang HSIEH

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