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P1.08: Promoting a healthy lifestyle of the elderly

12-Week Chair Exercise to Enhance Elderly’s Handgrip Strength and Walking Speed
Chu-Nhan TSENG, Yu-Lan CHANG, Chung-Feng WENG, Hung-Yu HSIEH, En-Tien YEH

Effectiveness on the health status of the elderly in a Taiwanese community after introducing fitness activities
Li Chueh KAO, Siou Ling JHONG, Ho Su HSIEH

An evaluation on the implementation of regular exercise to reduce weakening for elderly in community
Chia-Len SHEN, Mei-Hou CHUN, Ya-Ling CHAN, Chia-Chien HSU, Hsueh-Ping YEH, Yi-Fan TSAI

LOHAS Shilin, Elderly Health through Fitness
Li-Chen HUANG, Jo-Fen YEH, Lu-Fang YUAN

Effect of Muscle Endurance Core Muscle Training in geriatric day care On Elderly
Yu Ting YEN, Shu-Fen CHEN, Huei-Lan LU

Nutritional Status and Functionality of Elderly Persons; A comparison between Institutionalized and Non-institutionalized Elderly persons in Nairobi City County, in Kenya
Judy MUGO, Ochieng GEORGE, Judith WAUDO, VIncent ONYWERA

Improving residents’ satisfaction with meals in a hospital-affiliated nursing home
Huei-Fang HUANG, Yu-Tai LO, Chin-Chi YE, Wen-Chin LIOU, Yi-Hua YANG

Culinary activities help improve the health condition of female elders in Dementia Center
Shu-Ning HSU, Yu-Tai LO, Hui-Fen CHIU, Wen-Chin LIOU, Yi-Hua YANG

The intervention of "original shape of the food" treatment with food enzyme were an effectively way to improve elderly’s eating quality
Ming-Hsiang CHEN, Yi-Cheng HOU, Jing-Hui WU, Hao-Wen LIU

Identifying barriers to adequate nutrition therapy in residential care and strategies to improve nutrition therapy
Magdalin CHEONG, Ying Xiao HUANG

The health promotion project for the well-being of body, mind and soul of aged home health care patients and middle-aged & aged caregivers
Shu-Ping WEI, Mei-Ling CHEN, Ying-Wen LU

All roads lead to reducing alcohol drinking
Chun-Kai FANG, Chia-Hua LIN, Pao-Wen SHIH, Tzu-Ching YEH

No more drunk driving again by aggressive education in motor vehicles office
Chun-Kai FANG, Tzu-Ching YEH, Pao-Wen SHIH, Chia-Hua LIN

Association with drinking behavior, alcohol use disorder and mental health factors among university freshman in South Korea
Young-Bok KIM

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