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P1.09: Smoking cessation

Tobacco control class for children can reduce community smoking rate
Kimura MIHO, Takai YOSHIE, Koike AKIO, Takahashi KEIKO, Inamura MAYUMI, Hirasawa KAORU, Shinobi TETSUYA, Fukuba ISAO

The Utility of Collaborations with Medical Associations in Publicizing Smoking Prevention Classes Targeting Elementary School Students
Hideki HASUMA, Sayo OTANI, Yoshie YUKI, Akiko ONISHI, Noritake HIROTA, Syotaro IMAMURA, Miki MATSUOKA, Koichi KAGEYU, Ai NOGUCHI

The Effects of Smoking Cessation Courses on Adolescent Students in Northern Taiwan School
Hao-Wen LIU, Hsin LU, Pang-Hsin HSUEH

The Experience of Applying Free App Software to Help Young People Quit Smoking and Weight Loss
Miao-Ju FANG, Shu-Chao LIN, Ying-O CHEN, Hua-Wen HO, Hui-Yun CHEN, Hsien-Yi LO, Kai-Ling CHANG, Tsung-Lung TSAI, Huei-Fang LIANG

Effect of a Smoking Cessation Program on Inpatients in the Largest Hospital in Southern Iran
Mehrdad ASKARIAN, Fateme TABATABAI, Charles John PALENIK

Effectiveness of a Smoking Cessation Activity for Taxi Drivers in Conjunction with the “Quit and Win” Contest at a Medical Center in Northern Taiwan
Wei-Hsin HUANG, Betty Chia-Chen CHANG, Lee-Ching HWANG, Yu-Hsien CHEN

Use of Creative Campaign to Promote Community Tobacco, Alcohol and Betel Nuts Control
Li-O CHEN, Yu-Tai LO, Yan-Zhen REN, Wen-Chin LIOU, Yi-Hua YANG

Literature Review of use E- Cigarette for Smoking Cessation
Mei-Chun CHEN, Po-Chun SHIU, Su-Chi LIANG, Ya-Hui LIN, Lin-Yu LIAO

Promotion of smoking cessation without borders~ Effect of smoking cessation education in Vietnam
Chiou-Ling SU, Su-Fen CHENG, Jui-Lan HUNG, Mine-Kuei LIN, Meei-Jyhi HUANG, Chia-Yu WU, Mei-Feng YANG, Chin-Fang CHANG, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric risks with varenicline: a nationwide population based study
Yuan-Tsung TSENG, Heng-Horng WANG

Long-Term Major CardiovascularAdverse Events with Bupropion: A Nationwide Population Based Cohort Study in Taiwan
Yuan-Chung TSENG, Heng-Horng WANG

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