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P1.11: Promoting health by physical activity and healthy nutrition

Empirical Study of the effective health promotion on Physical Activity of Elderly People by the Sitting Posture Exercise
Yu-Li Chen, Yueh-Juen Hwu, Meng-Jan Chen, Hsin-Shu Huang

Health Coaching to Improve Exercise and Systolic Blood Pressure in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Jung Min KIM, HeyJean LEE, Ji Young MOON, YeoungHeui BAEG, DanBi CHOI, Eun-Hee CHO, Yong Hoon KIM, Ji Hye LEE, Hyuk Nyu KWON

Band Stretching for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders in a Health Promoting Hospital
Woo-seok JUNG, Kiheon LEE, Sukwon PARK

The Effect of Yoga-based Pulmonary Rehabilitation on dyspnea, coughing, and 6MWD among COPD in Taiwan

Effects of Scapular Control Exercise on Scapular Kinematics, Shoulder Functions, and Pain in Elderly Patients with Massive Rotator Cuff Tear
Hoi-Wa AO, Yi-Ju TSAI, Wei-Ren SU, Pei-San WANG, Zhao-Wei LIU, Wen-Ling CHEN

Investigate the satisfaction of the five-color vegetarian blenderized food
Shih-Ching KUO, Wen-Hsin CHIU, Ming-Hsiang CHEN, Yi-Ting FANG, Xin-Yan ZHANG, Yu-Fang LIN, Jing-Hui WU

Potentially Modifiable Conventional Risk Factors Influencing Serum Triglycerides: A Co-twin Control Study in Korea
Bumjo OH, Joohon SUNG

Customer satisfaction survey for "Da Ai" vegetarian food court
Wen-Hsin Chiu, Zhe-Wei Zhou, I-Liang Huang, Yu-Fang Lin, Jing-Hui Wu

Living with CKD: Association between nutrition education intervention model and patient' motivation and satisfaction
Fang-Ching HU, Ju-Hsia TSENG, Yin-Ying LEE

Attitude, behavior and behavior modification strategies of diet and exercise in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in a community hospital in southern Taiwan
Yuh Wei Wang, Kuei Hua Lee, Ya Ting Cheng, Chen Chien Chun, Li Lan Huang, Shuen Fa Lin

The Effectiveness of the DIET-STAR App for Healthy Diet and Weight Management in an Urban Community in Taiwan
Lee-Ching HWANG, Betty Chia-Chen CHANG, Hsin-Lung CHAN, Wei-Hsin HUANG, Shu-Chen LEE

The effect of the LEARN program on weight control
Chao-Yang FU, Lin-Yu LIAO, Chui-Yi PAN

An approach to increasing oral intake of food through medical and dental collaboration.
Junko ODA, Sanae KAKIUCHI, Tadashi YAMADA, Reiko MURAYAMA, Miyuki WATANABE, Chisato AMARI, Yuki TOKUNAGA, Hazuki KAWASE, Fumihiro SAITOH, Kyota NEGISHI

Healthy and nutritious meals, happy employees
pei-ju Hsieh

The effect of low - fat healthy diet on employees' weight control
Shu-Chen Ko, Chia-Ching Lin

Association between Beverage Consumption, Obesity, and Metabolic Syndrome: A community-based cross sectional research
Yiu-Hua CHENG, Yueh-E LIN

Promote Community Behavioral Intention of Healthy Diet by Creating Healthy Diet Supportive Environment.
Yu Lan CHANG, Chun-Han TSENG, Chung-Feng WENG, Hung-Yu HSIEH, En-Tien YEH

Long Term Effects of Graded Stage with Multiple Strategies Program on Weight Loss among Community Women.
Li-Chun HSIAO, Chi-Jane WANG

Improve the Weight-Control Effect for Postpartum Women by Using Telephone Interview Support Strategy
Pei-Jyun CHEN, Yen-Tze LIU, Yu-Ting NIEN, Li Ya CHEN, Yi Fang TSAI

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