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P1.12: Improving health of cancer patients

Experience sharing at a community - based hospital to promote cancer screening
Hsien-Yi LO, Shu-Chao LIN, Hui-Yun CHEN, Wan-Yi CHENG, Kai-Ling CHANG, Tsung-Lung TSAI

Rural-urban differences in cancer care in Taiwan, 2011~2015: cancer mortality between aboriginal and non-aboriginal areas as indicators
Hsiu-Ling WANG, Yuan-Han YANG, Ming-Yen HSIEH, Aij-Lie KWAN, Hui-Chung LIU

Nutrition counseling for cancer patients enhance the correct dietary pattern and nutritional knowledge during chemotherapy
Yin-Ying LEE, Cha-Chiung YAO, Yi-cheng HOU, Jing-Hui WU, Hao-Wen LIU

The Effectiveness of Nutritional Interventions in oral Cancer Patients
Hsin-Chun FENG, Yueh-Hsia KUO, Hui-Chuen CHEN

The cancer patient's rehabilitation and return to work
Ermanno RONDINI, Franco PUGLIESE, Cristina MARCHESI, Marco TAMELLI, Gianfranco MARTUCCI, Daniela RICCO', Antonio CHIARENZA, Sandra BOSI

The Effectiveness of Regular Breast Self Examination Combined with BSE Record Handbook Utilization in early detection of Breast Cancer in Thailand : A Cohort Study

Comparison of Outcomes with Baloon Size after Intraoperative Radiotherapy for Early Breast Cancer
Ming-Chi HUANG, Yu-Yun KAO, Huan-Chun CHEN, Yu-Han ZHANG, Jen-Yang TANG

A Community Hospital Providing Friendly Environment and Implementing Patient-Centered Care for Breast Cancer Patient in Taiwan
Kuan-Hung CHEN, Chi-Wen TU, Chun-Te CHUANG, Yen-Chi LIAO, Wei CHEN

Survival of women with cervical cancer according to Pap smear screening exposed: results from a single institution study.
Mei-Wen CHEN, Tung-Hao CHANG

Promotion of eradication for Helicobacter Pylori has good effect on prevention of gastric cancer even in our aging advanced community.

Investigation into positive confounding factors of colorectal cancer screening
Yu-Ling CHANG, Pei-Ling CHIU, Fang-Ming CHEN, Deng-Chyang WU

Outcomes and Acute Toxicity of Electronic Superficial Brachytherpy for Non-melanoma Skin cancer
Ya-Lin LIN, Yu-Yun KAO, Huan-Chun CHEN, Kun-Han LEE, Yu-Han ZHANG, Jen-Yang TANG

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