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P1.13: Strengthening patient safety

Strengthening patients’ safety by lowering chances of patients falls through Team Resource Management
Hui-Ling LIU, Xane-Lane HUNG, Hsin-Yi CHANG, Pei-Lin LIAO, Shu-Ting CHUANG, Sou-Hsin CHIEN

Team Resource Management Strategy on Reducing Fall Injury in Medical Center
Te-Hsin CHANG, Mei-Yu Lee, Wei-Chu SHIH, Chia-Chi Wei, Hui-Fen HSING

New challenge by dental hygienists contributing to oral and physical health of inpatients
Kato RIKA, Sato MIYUKI, Saito TAKAO, Endo MASAO, Namura MAYUMI, Takahashi KEIKO, Shinobi TETSUYA, Fukuba ISAO, Hirasawa KAORU

Reduction of inappropriate prescription error rates for inpatient self-prepared drugs
Huang Chang TSENG

Reducing Central Venous Catheter Associated Bloodstream Infection Rates in Intensive Care Unit
Tzu-Yin LIU, Yu-Pei LEE, Po Shuo HUANG, Tun-Chieh CHEN, Wan Yin HSU

Pilot Rewards Program on Fall Prevention
Ming-Tsu TSAI, Chun-Hua LIN, Hsiao-Ju HOU, Jeng-Chuan SHIANG, Chia-Hsuan LIN

By using gauze with 0.2% chlorhexidine mouthwash in oral care to reduce respirator related contract pneumonia infections
Ya-Meei LUE, Mei-Lin YEH, Cun-Man LEE, Hsiu-Fen YANG, Yu-Yi TANG, Li-Ying LIN, Yan-Choiu KU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Why don’t Iranian Health Care Workers Report Medical Errors?
Nahid HATAM, Seyyed Mohammad Mahdi SHERAFAT, Maryam GHODSI, Zahra SHAYAN, Charles John PALENIK, Mehrdad ASKARIAN

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