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P1.17: Promoting a healthy lifestyle of hospital staff

A Study on Health Promotion Life Style of Hospital Staff and Its Determinants
Yi-Lin SU, Yen-Cheng CHEN, Shu-Chi TENG, Feng-Chin LIN

Regular yoga improves the body fat composition and physical fitness of hospital staffs who have no exercise habits

Preliminary study on the effect of cyclical intervention in hospital staffs
Jung-Ying HOU, Jian-Yu WANG, Wei CHEN

Workplace Health Promotion hospital staff to enhance a healthy lifestyle behaviors and weight loss success
Chin Lien LAI

Love Exercise Enjoy Health
Shu Ling HSU, Min Chen LEE, Yu Ya SYU, Yuh Pin LU, Jen Ho LEE, Rong Bin HONG, Li Wun HUANG, Hsu Feng HSIAO

Effects of 12-week Exercise (Interval Training) Program on Workers’ Health Promotion at a General Hospital
Na-Kyoung KWON, Heong-Min KIM, Hyun-Jung KIM, Ji-Hyeon BANG

Create Nutrition-Supportive Environment for Iron-Nutritional Status Improved in Hospital Women Staff
Chiu-Ping HSU, Huang-Yu CHANG, Chia-Hsin YU, Yu-Wen LIN, Nan-Ping YANG, Ching-Feng LIN

To create a healthy food supply environment - Online credit card ordering management platform
Hsiao-Jung TSAI, Shu-Chi LIN, Jiyuen-Tieng CHEN, Chia-Lun TSAI, Tzu-Ching CHAO, Hui-Ting HUANG, Ying-Hsiang CHUO

Experience Sharing in Healthy Eating Promotion in NTUH
Ya-Ting KUO, Tsung-Wen LIU, Ya-Ting YU, Pei-Hsuan LI, I-Ling YEH, Pei-Chen HSIAO, Chin-Pao CHENG, Hui-Chuen CHEN

Apply the Strategy of Light Meal DIY to Reduce the Habit of Regular Out-Eat Health Care Providers in Changhua Christian Hospital
Pei-Ju HUANG, Pei-Jyun CHEN, Yu-Ting NIEN, Li-Ya CHEN, Yi-Fang TASI, Hung-Yu SUN

Let's Practice Low Sodium Diet For Health.
Sukwon PARK, Kiheon LEE, Iksoon CHOI

The Effects of Workplace Obesity Prevention Program
Chun-Chi TSAI, Ching-Cheng LIN, Ming-Ku CHUNG

The experience of obesity intervention for employees through lifestyle intervention and exercise
Jungsun PARK, Hanna KIM, Seokhee HAN, Eunhee NAH, Kiboung HYUNG, Jong-Yil CHAI

Workplace health promotion: Experiences of Weight Control Class for Employees
Yen-Tze LIU, Pei-Jyun CHEN, Yi-Fang TSAI, Yi-Bei LIN, Wan-Chin CHEN

The Effectiveness of Self-regulation Weight Control among the Health Promoting Hospital Employees
Yong-Chuan CHUNG, Shu-Yuan JIAN, Yi-Chin WANG, Je-Mich CHANG

Effectiveness of a multidisciplinary Weight-Loss Program for Overweight and Obesity Adults in Medical Center
Nai-Chia CHEN, Yueh-Hsia KUO, Ching-Ju HSIAO, Chin-Pao CHENG, Hui-Chuen CHEN

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the weight loss health promotion
Pei-Lei SUN, Jin-Shiung CHENG

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