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P1.18: Workplace health promotion

Healthy Lively and Happy Employees
Hui-Tzu CHEN, Hsiu-Mei LIN, Shu-Chen LEE, Wei-Hsin HUANG, Lee-Ching HWANG

The health of employees is the company's most valuable asset~ Enhance staff influenza vaccination rates
Su-Fen CHENG, Jui-Lan HUNG, Jin-Feng WU, Meei-Jyhi HUANG, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Establishing health promotion hospital — Seasonal influenza vaccination coverage by health care workers in Ping-tung Christian hospital
SooJin LIM, Cheng-Chih KAO, Li-Hsiang CHEN

Effects of a biofeedback trainer on spinal posture in computer users with neck pain
Pei-San WANG, Yi-Ju TSAI, Yi-Fan WU, Hoi-Wa AO, Yi-Liang KUO

Workplace health promotion
Sue-Mei HONG, Yu-Ying YANG

Create A Friendly Workplace by Shaping Health Promotion Climate
Hui-Ru HUANG, Ming-Ku CHUNG, Chun-Chi TSAI

Establish a Best Quality Workplace to Improve the Turnover Rate of Nursing Staff

Study on Teaching Style of Clinical Teachers and Learning Outcome of New Employees
Ching Hsin CHEN, Tai Cheng HO, Chiao Chu LIAO

Improve the completion of medical staffs’ handover for post-surgical patients of SICU by means of Time out method.
Yu-Ping HO, Pei-Chi HSIEH, Mei-Hui WANG, Shu-Ting CHUANG, Sou-Hsin CHIEN

Resilience Plus

An Evaluation of Integrative Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Approach: A Case Study of a Regional Hospital in Taiwan.
Sou-Hsin CHIEN, Ching-Yuan CHEN, Chien-Ting LIN, Ying-Fang PAN, Shu-Ting LI, Yi-Ling LAI, Pin-Yi CHANG

The Satisfaction Analysis of employee’s Welfare and Health services
I Fen LIANG, Qin-Jia ZHENG, Chong Yu HONG, Fang Jun LIN

Used WHO Healthy Workplace Model to Promote Workplace Violence Prevention Program in Hospital
Yi-Lin SU, Chih-Chieh CHANG, Chin-Hsiang WANG, Yu-Chin LEE

The Evaluation of Emergency Department Nurses Workplace Violence in Taiwan
Chin-Ming SU, Shu-Lin CHEN

The basic occupational health services (BOHS) plan for Wan Fang Medical CenterThe basic occupational health services (BOHS) plan for Wan Fang Medical Center
Hui-Chun HUANG, Yi-Nei HSU, Ching-I YEH, Pai-Tsang HUANG, Ying-Hua SHIEH

Examining the association between the antioxidant capacity and high-frequency hearing loss in noise-exposed worker
Tung-Wei KAO, Wei-Liang CHEN, Chung-Ching WANG, Chen-Jung WU, Sheng-Ta CHIANG, Li-Wei WU

Method of adoption of all the compensatory measures provided by the FSMS (Fire Security Management System)
Gian Carlo SCARPINI, Carluccio TORTI, Elisa SOTTOTETTI

To Create A Safe and Healthy Workplace
Yu-Ling TU, Fang-Yi TSAI, Chun-Huang LAI, Chia-Chi YEN

Health promotion and patient safety - Friendly safety restraints
Ching-Yi PAN, Hsing-Wei HUNG

Safe Patient Handling in Nursing Homes for a Safer Work Environment
Chin-Yen YU, Yu-Tai LO, Chien-Fen TUNG, Wen-Chin LIOU, Yi-Hua YANG

Obstacle factors With Nurses in Using Safety Needles
Yi-Lin SU, Mei-Chiung FU

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