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P2.04: Using ICTs to promote health

The Value-added Application Service Platform of Cloud Information on Taiwan National Health Management
Chia-Hui LEE, Ching-Fei TSOU, Kuei-Chuan CHI, Chun-Po CHEN

Creating a Patient Safety Indicator System with Cloud Infographic to Promote Efficiency of Quality Management in Health Care
Hui-Fen HSING, In-Fun LI, Te-Hsin CHANG, Mei-Yu LEE

Strategies to Improve the Reading Rate of Pharmacloud System in a Community Medical Group
I-Ching LIN, Pei-Yu YANG, Yi-Chun PAN, Hung-Yu SUN, Ying-Li LIN*

The Integrated Utilization of Medical Orders and National Health Insurance PharmaCloud System
Jui-fang CHEN

Analysis on the Effectiveness of Mobile Service for Approving Electronic Documents at Hospitals
Pan Gyu KIM, Choon Sung KIM, Woo Cheol JEONG, Hye-Jung SHIN, Myoung Ock AHN

Estimation of Using Wearable Devices to Health Promotion
Chen-Yu LIN, Chien-Min HUANG, Chun-Chi TSAI

A study on the factors influencing the intention of adopting Health Bank Service
Rei-Tung CHANG, Wan-Ting TSENG, Yi-Fang LAI, Jin-Sheng ROAN

Improvement of Dispensing Errors in the Outpatient by HFMEA
Hui-Chuan CHEN, Men-Hui CHANG

Establish a friendly medical environment to enhance the patient satisfaction
Shih-Chin CHEN, Wan-Chen LI

Utilize multi-media health education film to improve completion rate
Shu-Chin CHEN, Ya-Lin SHEN, Yi-Ru TSAI

Educate patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to use metered dose inhaler accurately through poster and video
Wen-Ssuan SU, Yi-Fan TSAI

Google Apps apply to group physical fitness activities
Kun-Hung LIN, Yi-Ching WANG, Min-Hui LI, Chun-Han YANG, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Enhance the effectiveness of smoking cessation services through information technology
Jin-Shiung CHENG, Chung-Lung HUNG, Yan-Chiou KU, Shiow-Rong JEANG, Ting-Ting WU

Evaluation of educating patients on shoulder joints exercise through mnemonic and educational media
Yi-Ling YEN, Yi-Ju LIN, Tsung-Han LEE, Yi-Fan TSAI

A sustainable project for Specific Learning Disorders through ICTs

The use of ointment pictorial card in assisting ward’s assistant to accurately apply skin ointment
Shin-Fang YANG, Yi-Fan TSAI

A Study on the Factors Influencing Nurses’ Intention to Use Nursing Information Systems for Patient Admission Assessment
Wan-Ting TSENG, Rei-Tung CHANG, Ting-Yun ZHENG, Jin-Sheng ROAN

Factors Affecting Nurses’ Continuance Usage Intention of Healthcare Knowledge Sharing Systems
Wan-Ting TSENG, Rei-Tung CHANG, Yu-Ching HSU, Jin-Sheng ROAN

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