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P2.06: Promoting mental health of patients and staff

The Effectiveness of Appling Horticultural Therapy for Psychiatric Patient- Example From The Day Care Center In A Medical Center In Taiwan
Hui-Ju SIE, Wan-Shan LIU, Chi-Feng LIN, Chih-Ju LIU, Nian-Jie SIE

The Effect of Group-Based Horticultural Therapy Health Promoting Program on the Psychiatric Health Care in Psychiatric Patients
Mei-Jou LU, Sheng-Tzu HSU, Li-Shiu CHOU

Investigation of Measures in Managing Difficult Patients and Family in a Public General Medical Hospital: A Preliminary Study
Hyunchung KIM, Bok-Kyu SONG, Sungyoung PARK, Unchang JIN, Jaehoon CHUNG, Bommon CHOI

Provide Care for Medical Events: A Case of Amniotic Fluid Embolism
Ching-Cheng LIN, Ken-Shu LEE

An investigation on the stress of the main caregivers of disabled patients
Kai-Ling CHANG, Shu-Chao LIN, Hsien-Yi LO, Tsung-Lung TSAI

An Evaluation Study of Health Care Quality Based on Patients’ Experience
Qing XIA, Hong XU, Xiaobo ZHANG

Prevalence and risk factors of depression of hemodialysis patients in Pintung City
Hui-Yuan LIAO, Yung-Cheng HUANG, Cheng-Chih KAO

An Exploration of the Application of Dialectical Behavior Therapy to a Group for Repeated Suicide Attempters
Fu-Nung HSU, Hsueh-Yin WANG, Ching-Mien LIAO, Yi-Wen LIAN, Chen-Pang WANG, Huei-Lan LU

Moral Distress Experience in Teaching Hospitals
Mohammad-Hossein VAZIRI, Mohammad-Reza SOHRABI, Amir KAVOUSI, Batool TAYEFI, Esmat DAVOUDI-MONFARED, Seyed-Vahid ASGARI, Kobra NOORI

The Burnout Status and Coping Behavior of Emergency Department Nurses in Taiwan
Ching-Yi CHEN, Chieh-Fan CHEN, Gau-Tyan LIN, Shu-Lin CHEN

Exhausted Health Care Provider Cannot Raise Satisfaction Up
Shoo-Mei WEN, Chieh-Fan CHEN, Gau-Tyan LIN, Shu-Lin CHEN

The Effect of Stress Reduction for Hospital Staff by Tabletop Games
Chih-Ming CHANG, Chun-Huang LAI, Chia-Chi YEN

The effectiveness of Integrated Stress Management and Health Promotion into the Continuing Educations for Nurses
Wan-Ling WENG, Hsin-Shu HUANG

Improve Staff Pressure, Into The Happy Factor For Staff Psychology
Jen-Chieh CHEN, Ya-Ling LI, Li-Cheng CHEN, Chia-Chi YEN, Chun-Huang LAI

The Factors Affecting Work-related Stress Experienced by Nursing Staff and their Coping Strategies – A Study of Gynecological, Obstetric and Pediatric Regional Hospital in Taipei City
Chii-Shya CHEN, Ian-Horng CHEN, Yin-Yin CHEN

The correlation among nurse practitioner’s job stress, job fatigue, and job satisfaction-Based on veteran hospitals in Southern Taiwan
Yen-Ho LAI, Chi-Wei TUAN, Yan-Choiu KU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Study on the Relationship between Part-time Manpower Input and the Job Pressure and Burnout of Nurses
Hui-Yu HUANG, Hsin-Yi YANG, Yu-Yi KAO, Min-Yu CHANG

The Analysis of Consultation-liaison Service In a Medical center
Chen-Hsiang SU

Measures to Alleviate the Work Stress of Outpatient Staff
Chu-Shih YEH, Mei-Huei TSAI, Fang-Chun WEI

The Effectiveness of Applying BSRS-5 Health Scale in Earthquake Disaster Mental Health Assessment: A Experience of Earthquake Disaster in South of Taiwan
Ching-Mien LIAO, Hsueh-Yin WANG, Yi-Wen LIAN, Fu-Nung HSU, Chen-Pang WANG, Huei-Lan LU

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