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P2.07: Health promotion in psychiatric care

The Issue of teenage Suicide
Shu-Lin CHEN

The Effectiveness of Using Exercise Time Schedule to Enhance the Exercise Time of Psychiatric Inpatients
Pei-Shan LI, Ching-Ting SU, Huei-Lan LU, Ching-Ming CHENG

The Effectiveness of Applying Therapeutic Emulation Community Concepts in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation ward

Exploring the Regular Exercise Intervention on the Improvement of Chronic Diseases in Psychiatric Nursing Home
Shu-Yuh PI, Huei-Lan LU

A Pilot Study of the IPSRT Group Therapy Health Promotion Intervention for Partial Hospitalization with Bipolar Disorder and Depressive Disorder
Sheng-Tzy HSU, Mei-Jou LU, Su-Ting HSU, Li-Shiu CHOU

The Effectiveness of Applying the Ottawa Charter to Improve Obesity of Psychiatric Inpatients in the Rehabilitation Ward
Hui-Ling TSAI, Shu-Hua SHEN, Huei-Lan LU, Ching-Ming CHENG

The Discussion of Telephone Follow-up Service for Patients Discharged from Acute Ward of Department of Psychiatry in a General Hospital
Pei-Wen CHUNG, Yi-Kai CHEN, Su-Zu CHANGE, Wei-Hsin WU, Yu-Wen LIN, Nan-Ping YANG, Ching-Feng LIN

Application of Family Caring Model in Psychiatric Day Patient
Sue-Fen CHEN, Mei-Hung LEE, Huei-Lan LU, Ching-Ming CHENG

Nursing Experience on a Patient Abusing Amphetamine During Manic Depressive Occurrence
Yi-Yuan Peng, Hsin-Shu Huang

Sense of Wellbeing and Job Satisfaction of Nurses in Taiwan
Hui-Chuan HUANG

A Nurse's Experience Applying Grief Counseling to a widows
Shu-Lin CHEN

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