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P2.08: Maternal and newborn health

Analysis of contraception method in migrant women
Virginia GIGLIO, Antonio CHIARENZA, Benedetta RIBOLDI, Cinzia GRADELLINI

Life Experiences of Women with Home Birth
Chih-Jung KUO, Hui-Ting HUANG

Applying a Caesarean Section Infection Prevention Bundle on Reducing Women’s Post-Caesarean Section Wound Infection Rate in a Teaching Hospital in Taipei
Chiung-Wen CHANG, Hui-Ting HUANG

Management of the pathway for abortion in a family care centre. The experience of Trento (North-East of Italy)
Riccardo PERTILE, Rossella MAZZA, Vera PIZZO, Mariangela PEDRON, Silvano PIFFER

The Evaluation Study of Parent-child relationship groups for preterm infants
Li Nien HAN, Nai Jung LAI, Huei Jen LAI, Shu Chen LEE

The Narrative Story of a Maternal and Child Health Educator
Lilian Wang, HSIN-YI YANG, Wei CHEN

Evaluation of the use of developmentally supportive care on the dependence on aerophore for oxygen and increase physical development of the newborns

Effect of the Early use of a Lactation Aid on Enhancing Exclusive Breastfeeding Rate and Maternal Confidence of early stage of postpartum
Li-Lin WANG, Tzu-Chuan HSU, Hui-Ting HUANG

Coordinating multi-units caring systems to promote the rate of exclusive breastfeeding six months after delivering babies
Mei-Feng CHEN, Ya-Ting CHUNG, Hui-Ping HSU, Yu-Chuan SHEN, Pei-Lin LIAO, Hui-Ling LIU, Shu-Ting CHUANG, Sou-Hsin CHIEN

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