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P2.10: Health promotion for the elderly

Care Coordinator Program for elderly patients

A salient medical system for personal health indexing assessment
Yu-Shan HSU, Ming-Fu HSU

The characteristics of nursing home residents and association factors of acute hospitalization
Seo Eun HWANG, Soo Hyoung LEE, Hye Min CHO, Jae Chul KIM, Joo Yeon KIM, Moo Young KIM

Elderly Patients with Respiratory Failure: Risk Factors and Outcome Evaluated by SOFA score
Chi-Ting LI, Ming-Chieh LEE

It's like my second home-Tamsui North Coast Elderly Day Care Center
Hsiangyi CHEN, Shu-Chen LEE, Li-Li TSAI, Yu-Shin CHANG

The associated factors of unexpected re-admission for elderly patients in a regional hospital in Taiwan
Chia-Li HSIAO, Li-Chen SUN

Increasing Nasogastric Intubation Removal Rate by Swallowing Training and Food Thickener
Mei-Chuan WU, Chia-Ling CHIANG, Ming-Tsung LEE, Chia-Wen LU, Heng-Yi TENG

The Outcomes for "Animal-Assisted Therapy" for Senior Patients with Dementia
I-Ping HSU, Pei-Chien HSU, Ya-Chun YANG, Hui-Ni TSAI

Associations among Health Behavior, Mental Health Status and Cognitive Status of Elderly of Health Examinationļ¼¨Using a Medical Center as an Example
Hsiu-Lan LEE

The effect of automated physiological monitoring system for elderly with hypertension on a community hospital
Yi Lien LIU, Pei Chun YANG, Wan Ling CHEN, Ren-Shi SHYU, Chiung Lang WANG

The Effectiveness of Applying Margin Theory in Elderly Suicide Caring Visiting
Yi-Wen LIAN, Hsueh-Yin WANG, Fu-Nung HSU, Ching-Mien LIAO, Huei-Lan LU

The job achievement of elderly volunteers by analysis "The satisfaction questionnaires survey in Cardinal Tien Hospital Xindian"
Chiung Ying LEE

A Study to Explore the Care-giving Experiences on the Primary Caregivers and the Related Factors

Using Systematic Nursing Instruction To Help Elder Patients With Pneumonia For Lung Expansion
Shu-Chuan CHIANG, Jia-Ci JHUANG, Szu-Yu LAI, Mei-Chuan WU, Heng-Yi TENG, Ssu-Wei HUANG

A Family Caregiver's Retrospect: Reflection on Hospice at Home
Yu-Hui HUANG, I-Min WANG, Hsin-Yi YANG, Wei CHEN

Medical care Out of Fence: The Experience in Taking Care of One Oncological Elderly in Terminal stage
Lee-Fen CHANG, Hui-Wen PAI, Wei CHEN

Experience , Acknowledge , Attitudes and demand of education toward advance directive among Pre-Clinical medical students

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