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P2.12: Community health promotion

Health Promotion Strategies to Improve Community Awareness of Early Signs & Symptoms of Stroke in United Christian Hospital
Chung Tsang Mick YU, Yin Ming TAM, Siu Keung TANG, Yuen Bing NG, Suet Wan LAM, Sau King WONG, Harriet LO, Eric WONG, Kasey LUNG, Andy CHAN, Peggy HUI, Maurice WAN, Echo CHAN, Peggy LEE, Jacky LAM, Yim Yi CHAN, Esther POON, Dara LEE, Vikie WONG, Ryan CHAN, Chun Kong CHAN, Ka Yin CHEUNG, Ping Wing NG

Health promotion for the risk of heat stroke in the living environment of poverty
Motohiro FUJII, Giichiro OHNO

Different Types of Health Examination and People Satisfaction Related Research-Chiayi City Integrated Health Screening as an Example
Tz-Jie LIU, Mei-Tsu CHEN, Sheng-Hsiung HUANG, Shiing-Jer TWU

Behavioral Health Survey of General Public Over 20 Years Old in a District of Taiwan
Yi-Hui LIN, Yi-Ching SU, Yen-Chen HUANG, Hung-Yu HSIEH, En-Tien YEH

The cost-effectiveness of a three-year community-based health management program in improving health condition among low socioeconomic people in Taichung, Taiwan
Pi-Shan HSU, Ying-Liang Lu, Yu-Hui LIN YANG, Ming-Yu CHEN, Day-Yu CHAO, Chung-Liang LAI

Setting up a health promotion service model to remote area with the combination of social and medical resources
Hui-Jen CHEN, Yu-Xin ZHANG, Chen-Lai MA, San-Ank LEE

Share the pervention medical service to build a healthy community
Chung-Ying LU, Shu-Ling WU, Hsiung-Fei CHIEN

Education of self-care and allergy control in community and family
Li-Ching FANG, Jen-Yu WANG

Establishment of healthy promotion environment in the community for an example of the Increasing access to medical treatment to influenza vaccination injection
Yu-Ting CHENG, Wei-Jung TSENG, Yu-Kuei LIAO, Li-Shiang CHIANG, Cheng-Chih KAO

Strategies to Improve Influenza Vaccination among Adults Aged 50 Years and Older
Wan Chen LI, Hung Ju TSENG

Using Health Information System(HIS) to increase healthy promotion for influenza vaccination in patients
Cheng-Chih KAO, Pei-Fang CHIA, Ming-Li KUO, Chung-Chen LEE, Tzu-Yao CHANG, Fang-Fei HSIAO, Liso-Yu KUEI, Mei Hui Chang CHANG

Competencies and Responsibilities of Health Education Specialist in South Korea
Young-Bok KIM, Hyekyeong KIM

The evaluation health education to elevate correct medication knowledge and ability in community
Yi-Fen LEI, Chih-Fang CHEN, Ya-Hui CHANG, Wei-Ying LEE

Community health promotion for noting DNR and no LST will in NHI card
Ru-Yih CHEN, Tzu-Ya HUANG, Hon-Jhe CHEN, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Different ways of skin care education in Atopic dermatitis
Jen-Yu WANG, Li-Ching FANG

Association between postprandial Glucose and Intraocular Pressure
Tung-Wei KAO, Chen-Jung WU, Wei-Liang CHEN, Li-Wei WU, Chung-Ching WANG, Tao-Chun PENG

Application of Regular Comparison to Improve SMBG Accuracy by Community Hospital:Taiwan Experience
Chia-Jen WANG, Yu-Chi LIU

Analysis of Injury Pattern and its Prevention- a case in the Xizhi District of New Taipei City
Yi-Lin SU, Chin-Hsiang WANG, De-Ren YANG, Chih-Chieh CHANG, Jui-Neng YANG, Yu-Chin LEE

Health Behavior and Satisfaction with Life among Retirees in Taiwan
Shu-Chiao SHEN, Hui-Ting HUANG

Community Screening Of Dementia
Chun-Ying CHIEN, Hui-Ting HUANG, Ying-Hsiang CHUO, Kuan-Hung LIN

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