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P2.13: Tobacco-free health services

How to create an all-directional tobacco-free hospital
Chi-Chen HUANG, Wei-Chun HSUEH, Chin-Yun CHEN, Feng-Ching SUN

Used WHO Healthy Workplace Model to Promote Tobacco Control Program in Hospital
Yi-Lin SU, Nuan-Ting HUANG, Chao-Chieh CHENG, Ying-Hsien CHUNG, Chiu-Hui WU, Chih-Chieh CHANG, Jui-Neng YANG, Yu-Chin LEE

Discussion on effectiveness of smoking cessation clinic
Chia-Yu WU, Su-Fen CHENG, Jui-Lan HUNG, Mine-Kuei LIN, Meei-Jyhi HUANG, Mei-Feng YANG, Chiou-Ling SU, Chin-Fang CHANG, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Grasp the golden opportunity to promote health~ Discussion on effectiveness of patients' smoking cessation
Su-Fen CHENG, Jui-Lan HUNG, Mine-Kuei LIN, Meei-Jyhi HUANG, Chia-Yu WU, Mei-Feng YANG, Chiou-Ling SU, Chin-Fang CHANG, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Increase Frequency of smoking cessation consultation improved success rate of smoking cessation
Mei-Jen LIN, Choo-Aun NEOH, Bao-Chen CHEN, Teck-Siang TOK

Applying Nursing Information System to Raise the Rate of Smoking Cessation in Hospitalized Patients
Ya-Hsiu CHANG, Ren-Shi SHYU, Yi-Fan PAN, Xue-Yu CAI, Pei-Chun YANG

The Effectiveness of Using Hope Theory in Smoking Cessation -A Experience of Psychiatric Recovery Home in Southern of Taiwan
Yu-Chun TSAI, Hsueh-Yin WANG, Huei-Lan LU

Social Support Associated with Smoking Cessation Behavior for Coronary Heart Disease Inpatients
Yen Ping TSAI, Nae Fang MIAO, Fang-Chun WEI

"No Smoking And A Life Long Heath":The Effectiveness of Health Education Program for Tobacco cessation at Kaohsiung Municipal Min-Sheng Hospital.
Mei-Yen CHANG, Jia-Rong CAI, Hsien-Ju LEE, Ciou-Sia YU, Chun-Huang Lai, Chia-Chi Yen

A Report on the Results of Smoking Cessation Classes at Hospital - Professional workplace smoking cessation for health, work, and well-being
Yi-Ju LEE, Hsiu-Mei LIN, Shu-Chen LEE, Wei-Hsin HUANG

For a patient-friendly environment
Ling-Ling CHOU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Outcome of continuous effort for smoking cessation at work places
Ueno KANNA, Takai YOSHIE, Kimura MIHO, Koike AKIO, Inamura MAYUMI, Shinobi TETSUYA, Fukuba ISAO, Hirasawa KAORU

Conflicts and Compromises in Only Non-Smoker Hiring: Experiences from Smoke-Free Network Hospitals in Taiwan.
Hsiu-Ling WANG, Yuan-Han YANG, Ming-Yen HSIEH, Hui-Chung LIU, Aij-Lie KWAN, Joon-Khim LOH

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