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P2.16: Miscellaneous

A Study of Participative Satisfaction of Teenage Volunteers: Using A Hospital In The Southern Area of Taiwan As An Example
Shiow-Ching LIANG, Yu-Ling WU, Chia-Chi YEN, Chun-Hung LAI

The purpose of this study is to explore the epidemiology of Hansen’s Diseases in Taiwan
Li-Ling WU, Huey Jen LAY

Evaluation of elevating responaut’s bed head by 20 to 30 degree to prevent respiratory tract infections

The rate of prophylactic antibiotics be used within one hour before surgical incision
Chia-Chi YEN, Chun-Huang LAI, Ta-Kuan LI, Ming-Fen CHENG, Yu-Hsuan WANG, Yu-Zhen XIAO

The predictors of Computed Tomography Utilization in Traumatic Brain Injury at Emergency Department
Qi-Zhen XIE, Shu-Lin CHEN

How to Improve Trauma Care in a Medical Center

Epidemiologic Characteristics of Traumatic Brain Injury at Emergency Department in Taiwan
Min-Jen YU, Chieh-Fan CHEN, Xun-Zhi ZENG, Shu-Lin CHEN

National Trends in Application of Computed Tomography among Traumatic Brain Injury at Emergency Department
Min-Jen YU, Chieh-Fan CHEN, Xun-Zhi ZENG, Shu-Lin CHEN

Direct Medical Costs of Hospitalized Traumatic Brain Injury: A Cross-Sectional Study in Taiwan
Ching-Yi CHEN, Chieh-Fan CHEN, Xun-Zhi ZENG, Shu-Lin CHEN

Medical Utilization among Patients with Cerebrovascular Disease Affecting in Taiwan
Chen-Luan LU, Yu Hua YAN

To Improve the Effectiveness of Retinal Examination in Show Chwan Memorial Hospital in Taiwan
Hsin-Yi LO, Ming-Shiu TSENG, Shu-Ling LEE, Ai-Wei SHIN, Cian-Ci JHANG

Evaluation of the use of chewing gum to improve extreme thirst of long term Haemodialysis Patients

Improve Hypophosphatemia Diet Compliance Rate in Hemodialysis Cases
Ya-Hsun TU, Wen-Chen SU, Fang-Wei YU, Chao-Lin WANG, Shu-Ting CHUANG, Sou-Hsin CHIEN

Sex and Preparation Agent Choice Is Associated with Adequate Bowel Preparation- Keystone Data for Colonoscopy Quality Improvement
Wei-Chun CHENG, Chiu-Ying CHEN, Shu-Fang WU

Factors Related to Bowel Preparation before Colonoscopy
Yi-Shiuan CHEN, Yen-Ting KUO, Yu-Han CHANG, Yat-Shing CHAN

Risk factors of falls in leprosy residents
Huey Jen LAY, Shu Chen KUO, Yueh Juen HWU

The efficiency of urinary catheter bundle care and early urinary catheter removal on reducing urinary tract infection
Pei-Shan Lin LIN, Jia-Yu WENG, Chi-Chien LU, Jia-Rong LYU, Chiu-Yen CHEN, Jin-Shiung CHENG

The influence to catheter related urinary infection by application of [catheter evaluation, reminder, feedback] catheter removal mechanism
Ming-Shiuan HUANG, Hsing-Chi CHUNG, Kang-Pan CHEN, Hsueh-Chih CHOU, Yun-Yu WU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Implementation of Bundle Care to Prevention of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections at Intensive Care Unit
Yueh-Ju CHEN, Hsing-Chi CHING, Yami LU, Jui-Kuang CHEN, Hung-Chin TSAI, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Investigation of Survival Rate Prediction in ICU
Tsung-Lung TSAI, Shu-Chao LIN, Ying-O CHEN, Miao-Ju FANG, Kai-Ling CHANG, Hsien-Yi LO

Reducing the risk of metal contaminants in Patient’s Meal
Tsungwen LIU, Chin-Pao CHENG, Shyr-Chyr CHEN, Hui-Chuen CHEN, Pei-Chen HSIO

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