Programme details

HPH Newcomers Workshop
Tuesday, April 11, 2017 14:00-17:00

The HPH Newcomers Workshop

Venue: Gesundheit Österreich GmbH, Stubenring 6, 1010 Vienna

HPH Newcomers Workshop

Abstract summary:

The HPH Newcomers workshop is a forum for those that are new to HPH, have just become members, are contemplating becoming members or just have a general interest and look for inspiration on how to get started with HPH. 

The Newcomers Workshops have been an ongoing event the last years with the same programme each year. The workshop covers issues such as the background and raison d’etre for HPH, the organization and ways of working, the things members get out of their membership, what members commit to doing. We also include practical examples from members and task forces on how they work and how they do it.

This year, the workshop takes place before the conference, thus offers an excellent introduction on the International HPH Network prior to the conference.


  • Welcome and introduction 
  • Vienna Recommendations and Background 
  • Structure, Constitution & Communication 


  • Example#1: How to get started with HPH 
  • Member privileges and obligations 
  • Example#2: Which HPH projects and collaborations can I join?  
  • Final questions, Certificates & Closure  

Price: 30 Euro (including refreshments)