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Mini oral sessions 2
from abstracts received Friday, April 14, 2017 15:30-16:15


Reorienting health services

Venue: Hörsaal 42

People in need; public-private integration and response to health needs

Rossano FORNACIARI, Ilaria CASTAGNI, Emanuela NASI, Angela MAZZOCCHI, Angela SACCANI, Alessandra FRANZINI

Economic evaluation of Minor Ailment Schemes (MAS) in the UK

Peter SCHNEIDER, Anna-Theresa RENNER, Julia BOBEK, Sabine VOGLER, Herwig OSTERMANN

Assessment of an assistance therapeutic diagnostic path for patients with heart failure – a qualitative research

Ilaria DALL'ASTA, Benedetta RIBOLDI, Antonio CHIARENZA, Marina GRECI, Simone STORANI, Mirco PINOTTI

The relationship between dispensing workload and the quality of clinical pharmacy services in Taiwan

Shih-Chieh SHAO, Yuk-Ying CHAN, Edward Chia-Cheng LAI

Investigation of effectiveness of an innovative design “Stoma Cleaner“ for tracheostomy users

Ying-Li CHEN, Cheng-Yung LEE


Migrants' health and alternative forms of health services

Venue: Hörsaal 31

Health Check-up Support Improved Health Associated Motivation in Beneficiaries of Basic Livelihood Act; The Coalition Experience of SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center_(SMG-SNU BMC) with Three Districts’ Self-Help Centers in Seoul

Jaekyung LEE, Bumjo OH, Ji Won KIM, Hwancheol SON, Byeong Gwan KIM, Sookyung KIM

Discussion on professional volunteer service in hospital

Xiaolei XI, Xiaobo ZHANG, Qing XIA

Alternative forms of health services


Establishing a state-national clinic for illegal immigrants In israel



Maternal and child health promotion

Venue: Hörsaal 23

Effects of yoga on stress, stress adaption and heart rate variability among career women in Taiwan - A randomized controlled trial

Shau-Ping SHIU, Shu-Ling LIN, Heng-Yi TENG

All-Encompassing Healthcare for Menopausal Women—The Experience of a Community Hospital in Taiwan

Hei-Jen JOU, Pei-Li CHIEN, Li-Yun CHOU, Chu-Hui SU, Shih-Ming CHEN, Pei-Ying LING

The trend of antenatal screening tests for Down’s syndrome: The experience at a community hospital in Taiwan

Hei-Jen JOU, Hsu-Kuang HUANG, Shih-Ming CHEN, Pei-Ying LING

Level II Fetal Ultrasounds: Optimizing Prenatal Care at a Regional Community Hospital in Taiwan

Pei-Ying LING, Yu-Jie HSIAO, Kuan-Hung LIN, Hei-Jen JOU, Shih-Ming CHEN

A cohort study of postpartum weight retention risk factors in Taiwan

Hsin-Hui SHAO, Lee-Ching HWANG, Jian-Pei HUANG, Hsin-Yin HSU

The Function of Health Promoting Hospital for Children & Adolescent life style adaptation The Function of Health Promoting Hospital for Children & Adolescent life style adaptation

Kue Sook KIM, Ji Hong LEE, Yu Jeong LEE, Hyon Jung KIM, Mihye LEE, Jiwon BAG


Promoting the health of the elderly

Venue: Elise-Richter-Saal

Active Aging - Active program for Elderly Patients

Hui-Mei HAN, Chin-Yen WU, Min-Shan CHUNG

Age-friendly health care promotion, seniors pleasant life – the example of a community-based Catholic hospital in Taiwan

Ling-Ling LIAO, Li-O CHAN, Wen-Chin LIOU

Investigation of effectiveness of innovative "add on design" for wheel chair users to enhance quality of long term care

Ying-Li CHEN, Chun-Chieh WU, Kuo-Chi YEH, Meng-Ping WU

An exploratory study of "Integrated home care program" reducing hospitalizations and emergency room visits in the elderly

Chia-Hsuan LIN, Ming-Chen CHEN, Chin-Yu HO, Yun-Chen KO, Jiunshiou LEE, Wen-Ruey YU

Setup a home-based medical environment for the elder patients can effectively and sustainability rehabilitation after spinal surgery

Ya-Hui YEN, Hui-Guan CHEN, Hui-Ling LIU, Shu-Ting CHUANG, Sou-Hsin CHIEN


Patient health promotion

Venue: Hörsaal 32

Reducing pain after surgery, a simple intervention program


Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Patient-centered interventions to improve medication reconciliation by Implementing NHI-PharmaCloud

Yu-Chieh CHIN, Chi-Tai LEE, Eric Kin-Lap LEE, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Effectiveness of BSRS-5 in high suicide risk patient care-An example for Taipei TzuChi Hospital

Chu-Yueh CHEN, Yi-Ting LIU, Chiu-Feng WU, You-Chen CHAO

Reward has long Term Effect on Improving Referral to Smoking Cessation

Hsien-Lin WU, Hsiang-Lin LEE


Workplace health promotion

Venue: Hörsaal 33

Hospital assists employees of enterprise in health promotion

Chi TSENG, Jui Mei TSENG, An Ko YANG, Ying Hsiang CHUO, Hui Ting HUANG

The effectiveness of the TCHP in implementing the Workplace Health Promotion Management Program

Chiu-Jung LAI, Huang-Yin LIU, Men-Hua LIAO

The Impact of "AssutActive" interventional program on job satisfaction, burnout level, lifestyle choices and perceived health condition of a hospital’s personnel

Karen BRONNER, Achmed NASER, Daniel S. MORAN

Hospital Employees’ Exercise Program with Minimal Guidance Improved Well-being Sense and Fitness.(Consuming More than 300Kcal)

Jihyun KIM, Jaekyung LEE, Yongwon SEONG, Minhyun PARK, Hwancheol SON, Byeonggwan KIM

Can watchful eyes help workers lose weight?

Hsiu-Chin LIU

Effectiveness of the "Healthy Mackay Staff Image" Contest

Shu-Chen LEE, Wei-Hsin HUANG, Hsiu-Mei LIN, Lee-Ching HWANG, Li-Jen LIANG, Yu-Hua CHEN, Nai-Fang HU, Jui-Yun CHUANG, Chia-Mei CHANG, Chiu-Chen CHEN, Betty Chia-Chen CHANG

An Exploration of Compassionate Care at Hospice Units in Taiwan

Meihui CHEN, Mei-Lin YANG


Mental health and psychiatric care

Venue: Hörsaal 30

Exploring Relationships among Uncertainty, Social Support and Hope in Hepatoma Patients

Truey-Yeh SONG

Health promotion project for chronic psychiatric patients

Mei-Wen KUO, Heng-Ming CHANG, Wen-Ling HUANG, Heng-Yi TENG

Effects of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for Patients with Remitted Depression

Yi-Chun LIN, Chun-Chun LIN, Chia-Fen WANG

The Exploration of the Anxiety Perceptions among New nurses in the First one year of Employment

Yueh-E LIN, Sue-Heui SHIEH, Shu-Fang Vivienne WU, Hsin-Tzu HSIEH

The Study of Helping Disaster earthquakes’ Mental Health by Precede Model

En-Ping SU, Huei-Lan LU


Promoting a healthy lifestyle

Venue: Erika-Weinzierl-Saal

Effects of Yoga Exercise on low back pain for Pregnant Women

Wen-Chi LIU, Hsueh-Erh LIU

Adults Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes Prevalence from one of the Health Promoting Hospital

Kue Sook KIM, Ji Hong LEE, Yu Jeong LEE, Kee Hyoung LEE, Jung Ae JANG, Sam Soo KIM, Bang Bu YOON

Alcohol intake (amount and frequency) among Japanese adults participating in health check ups

Toh Yoon WONG, Haruna NAKAMURA, Youhei KUBOTA, Yoshihiro HATA, Naoshi ITO, Yuichiro OTANI, Noriko MITAO, Chieko YAMADA, Sunao TAKAYA, Kazuki NISHIHARA, Hisaaki MORISHITA, Hirohiko MURATA

Vision alteration by life style change in youth from one of the Health Promoting Hospital

Kue Sook KIM, Yu Jeong LEE, Ji Hong LEE, Kee Hyoung LEE, Ho Young PARK, Heui Geun RYU, Dae Jong CHOI, Park Chun SEON, Tae Young LEE, Soo Hyun YOON, Kook Hwan RHIM, Ok Ryun MOON, Seung Yeon CHO


Improving health through tobacco cessation

Venue: Hörsaal 7

GOLD Forum; a recognition platform for Tobacco-Free Healthcare Services


Poly-modal intervention and analysis of tobacco cessation program

Ying-Hua SHIEH, Jen-Hung Chang, Hsiao-Wen CHAN

Efficacy of Initiating the smoking cessation health education program in Inpatient.

Fangchun WEI

Tobacco dependence treatment outcomes and changes in depression levels


Quality improvement measures for smoking cessation services increase the performance of Second Generation Smoking Cessation Payment Scheme in Taiwan

Chih-Kuan LAI, Chen-Han CHUEH, Yi-Hua CHIN, Shu-Ying LO, Li-Hui YU, Ying-Wei WANG, Shu-Li CHIA, Shu-Chun HSIAO

Using behavior modification to reduce outdoors second-hand smoke

Chi-Feng LIN

Promote Oversea Smoking Cessation Service : An Experience of Taiwan's smoke-free hospital

Kuang-Chieh HSUEH, Shu-Chun HSUEH, Ming-Yueh CHOU, Chieh-Chun HUAI, Chia-Chen LIN, Jin-Ding LIN, Hui-Ting HUANG, Jin-Shiung CHENG, Shaw-Yeu JENG



Venue: Hörsaal 27

Balance and body control improvement using visual feedback technologies


Using Team Resources to Elevate the Capacity of Self-Care at Post-Acute Stages

Heng-Yi TENG, Shu-Nuan CHANG, Mei-Chuan WU

Experience in caring for Sjögren syndrome patients by using an integrated health care model

Yi-Chi NI, Chen-Hung CHEN

To explore the factors influencing the willingness of receiving cancer screening tests in Taiwan

Chia-Tai HUNG, Ching-Ping LIU, Hsing-Yu YANG, Ta-Chuan HUNG

Evaluation on concomitant medication safety in patients preparing for colonoscopy

Chia-Liang CHEN, Pony Yee Chee CHAI, Shih-Chieh SHAO, Ying-Yuk CHAN

Rheumatology & immunology provides diversified and long-term health promotion services in Taipei Tzu Chi General hospital

Yi-Chia NI, Chen-Hung CHEN