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Poster sessions 1
from abstracts received Thursday, April 13, 2017 13:30-14:15


Past achievements and future challenges for health promoting health services

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

Evaluation of Hospital Leadership Policy - The Integration of the Health Promotion Hospital(HPH) strategic goal into Balanced Scorecard system.

Yu-Wen LIN, Li-Ling SU, Nan-Ping YANG, Ching-Feng LIN

Discussion on Executing the Strategies of Extended Health Care Service after Health Examination in Hospital

Meng Szu LEE, Ming-Tsang WU, Yu-Kuei HSU, Chen-Cheng YANG, Chia-Yen DAI

Activity after Establishment of Japan HPH Network


Role of Center for Workplace Health Promotion in Taiwan- a Ten-year Experiences and Achievements

Feng-Cheng TANG, Meng-Chen HSIEH, Wei-Chen CHANG, Pei-Yi HO, Li-Ju LIN, Po-Chang TSENG, Ruey-Yu CHEN, Ching Ying YEH, Meei-Maan CHEN, Miao-Ju CHUEH, Te-Chi HUANG, Ying-Wei WANG


Health promoting health services

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

Hospital image and compensation/benefit system on organizational attractiveness

Yu Hua YAN

How to improve ambulance prehospital electrocardiogram implantation rate- a 5-year city based multicenter trail

Wei-Chun HUANG, Yi-Jyan LIOU, Wen-Chu KAO, Kuan-Rau CHIOU, Li-Shuang YAN, Hong-Long CHEN, Jin-Shiung CHENG, Chun-Peng LIU

How to improve the ratio of ambulance use in patients after ST elevation myocardial infarction?

Wei-Chun HUANG, Cheng-Chung HUNG, Li-Shuang YAN, Yi-Jyan LIOU, Guang-Yuan MAR, Chun-Peng LIU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

The new strategies of Integrated Delivery System may improve quality of care in the sub-acute respiratory care center

Hsueh-Ping TAI, Ting-Hua YU, David Lin LEE, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Multidisciplinary care model can improve health-related quality of life in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension

Chin-Chang CHENG, Wei-Chun HUANG, Ko-Long LIN, Cheng-Hung CHIANG, Feng-Yu KUO, Chun-Peng LIU, Jin-Shiung Cheng

Use Interdepartmental Teamwork to Improving the time for Neurology's Patients Examination

Hsin-Ling CHUNG, Hsueh-Mei CHENG, Hsiu-Ling CHENG

Application of a SIP TEA model in team meeting to improve interprofessional collaborative practice

Chia-Yi LEE, Ching-Fen TSOU, Ya-Ling HUANG, Shu-Hui HUANG

A Project to Enhance the completeness of Transfer Process from Wards to the Intensive Care Unit

Ya-Chuen JAN, Yueh-E LIN

Improve transfer rate of acute cerebral vascular disease patients to “Post-acute medical treatment care model”

Feng-Chun LIU, You-Chien HSU

Reducing the Time Spent on One-stop Services for Injury Inspection and Evidence Collection of Sexual Assault Victims

Wan-Lin HUANG, Meng-Ling CHANG, Chan-Chih CHENG, Chen-Ting HSU, Chi-Chang CHU, Yi-Leng FANG, Chun-Mei LIU, Yi-Fan TSAI

Use Nursing Consultation System improves the care with Dysphagia's Patient

Hsin-Ling CHUNG, Hsiu-Ling CHENG, Chiou-Yu WU

Improving the correctness of bundle intervention for ventilator associated pneumonia in intensive care unit

Tzu-Yin LIU, Wan Yin HSU

Experience of Bundle intervention for Ventilator associated pneumonia in the ICU

Mei-Lin YEH, Ya-Meei LUE, Yan-Chiou KU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

A preliminary study on whether the ability of self - care can be improved by carrying out the pre - and post - test of health education instruction

Shu-Chun WU, Fu-Lian CHUANG, Yan-Choiu KU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

An Investigation on Reducing the Re-examination Rate for Emergency Specimen Clotting

Bey-Jing YANG, Jiann-Fu LIN, Ya-Hsiu CHANG, Shu-Wei WU, Tzu-I CHIEN, Mo Siu-Mei LEE

A patient-centered Nursing Care in Conjunction with the Multidisciplinary Heart Failure Care Team for a Patient with Severe Systolic Heart Failure

Ya-Chun TSENG, Hsiang-Chun LEE

Effectiveness of stroke care by using post-acute care program – one hospital experience in the middle of Taiwan

Chi-Hsun LIEN, Yen-Wen LU, Hui-Jen CHEN, Hung-Yi HSU

Prevention of pressure sores from surgery through pressure relieving equipment

Xiao-Ling HUANG, Yi-Fan TSAI

The Effect of Replacing Small-Volume Nebulizers on Contamination in Elderly Patients

Shin Yu CHEN, Yin Yin CHEN, Fu Der WANG

Improve the implementation rate of End of Life care for nursing staff

Hui-Chun HSU, Shiow-Rong JEANG, Feng-Yu HUANG, Mei-Na LIN, Chin-Chin CHEN, Ya-Mei CHEN, Tzu-Chan LU, Jin-Shiung CHENG


Health promoting pharmacies

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

HPH activity at insurance pharmacy


To evaluate the effectiveness of “correct drug use” advocacy activity conducted by pharmacists

Hsiang-Lan CHENG, Wan-Chen LU, Ya-Hui CHANG, Wei-Ying LEE

Taiwanese Medical Mission in São Tomé and Príncipe The Effectiveness of A Mobile Pharmacy in Mountain Café.

Nan Ying HU

Pattern of dispensing near-misses from outpatient pharmacists between 2010 and 2016 in Taiwan

Pony Yee Chee CHAI, Shih-Chieh SHAO, Yuk-Ying CHAN

A Study on the Current Status of the shorten the time of prescription accepted at night in Chinese Medicine Pharmacy–Experience of a Teaching Hospital in Northern Taiwan

Hui-Lan LIN, Jun-Sheng LIU, Po-Jen SHIH, Yu-Wen LIN, Nan-Ping YANG, Ching-Feng LIN

Pharmacy efforts to promote non-smoking among smokers



Health literacy and health literate organizations

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

Using "C-I-CARE" to Reduce the Complaint Rate in the Sub-acute Respiratory Care Ward in a Medical Center

Yihan WANG

An Empirical Study on Value Co-creation between Health Services Consumers and Providers - Service Dominant Logic Perspective

Yu Hua YAN

The orientation activity of following the trace and virtue of Dr. MacKay

Jung-En PENG, Hui-Wen CHENG, Chia-Ying HSIAO, Chi-Feng LIN

Town development with healthy life expectancy at 60 days health up ~From the result of 2015~


Group of Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for employees with psycho-physiological stress : An outcome study.

Chun-Jun LIN, Yi-Chun LIN, Kuo-Yang HUANG, Zheng-Dian HSU, Hui-Ting HUANG

Investigation on the Level of Awareness of the Importance of Light Management on Patient health Among ICU Nurses in a General Hospital: A Preliminary Study

Jisoo SONG, Hyun-Chung KIM, Jung-Hyun KIM, Suu-Young SHIN, Seung-Ji YOO

Development and Validation of the Multidimensional Mandarin Health Literacy Questionnaire (MMHLQ)

Mi-Hsiu WEI, Ying-Wei WANG, Mei-Chuan CHANG, Jyh-Gang HSIEH


Refugees, migrants and minorities

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

Wandering and Dwelling: A Discharge Preparation for One Vagrant with Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Hsiu-Ju CHEN, Hui-Wen PAI, Wei CHEN

A study on mental health and religious practice of Indonesian Islamic caregivers in Taiwan

Yi Ping SNG, Cheng-Chih KAO

Identifying the optimal access time to emergency hospitals for establishing the emergency medical services underserved area in Korea

Sang Jun EUN, Mi Young KWAK, Jin Yong LEE, Yoon KIM


Child health promotion

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

First survey on patient safety culture in Estonia


Using the value of badge to reduce the Losing Rate of Hospitalized Children in the hospital

Hsiang-Ying HUNG, Shu-Chuan CHIANG, Tzu-Wei TSENG, Mei-Chuan WU, Heng-Yi TENG

Evaluation of health promotion empowerment for the competence of correct medication among children

Ju Fang WU

Efficacy of Nebulized Hypertonic Saline on Children under Age Two with Acute Bronchiolitis

Hsiao-Chuan LIN, Chia-Ling LI, Chih-Ming CHANG

The correlation between oral status and maximum bite force

Ching-Ming SU, Yi-Hsin YANG, Tien-Yu Shieh SHIEH, Jin-Shiung CHENG

The efficacy of intervention with creative card of vaccine at Family Physician (FM) clinic

Hsuan HO, Ting-Yu KUO, Yi-Chih WANG, Yi-Fan TSAI

The relationship between phthalate exposure and adipokine in children


Child Weight Control – The Family Weight Management Program

Yu-Tai LO, Hsiu-Yu CHOU, Li-Hsien YEH, Wen-Chin LIOU, Yi-Hua YANG

Effectiveness of Bladder Stimulation and Lumbar Massage Skills on Collection of Urine from Infants

Meiyen LU, WeiHui SHA

Applying the Community Partnership to Inspect the Family Living Environment of Child

Hsueh-Yin WANG, Yi-Hsien LI, Huei-Lan LU

Parents' attitudes towards bedwetting and their influence on children's daily performance

Yu-Jun CHANG, Thomson TAI, Brent TAI

The Parents Coping Process under the Conflicting Families with Internet Addiction Children: from the Family System Perspective


Sharing the Experience of Improving Children Household Safety -In a Remote Area in Southern Taiwan.

Mei-Hui WU, Bie-Ching LIU, Yu-Wen CHEN

Health Promotion from Preschool stage: Cooperation for Family and Kindergarten

Hsin-Wei TANG, Tzu-Hui HUANG*, Tien-Sheng TSAI, Shou-Che WU


Age-friendly communities

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

Effectiveness of the "Mackay Community Senior Citizen Class"

Shu-Chen LEE, Wei-Hsin HUANG, Lee-Ching HWANG, Yu-Hua CHEN, Li-Ying TSAI, Li-Jen LIANG, Nai-Fang HU, Jui-Yun CHUANG, Chia-Mei CHANG, Betty Chia-Chen CHANG

Health Promotion for the Elderly in a rural Community

Ying-Li LIN, Chao-Hung YU, Ko-Hsin CHANG, I-Ching LIN

A Pilot Study of Healthy Aging in Place: An Example of Guiding Health Promotion Efforts with Urban Indigenous Elders

Tzu-Hui HUANG, Hsiu-Shan WU, Hsiu-Chu CHIANG, Tien-Sheng TSAI*, Hung-Hsiung LI

The health promotion activity for the elderly in the community care station

Jia-Min WU, Ming-Feng ZENG, Hui-Jen CHEN, Chen-Lai MA, Sen-Yi LUO, Chen-Jung YEN, San-Ank LEE

The efficacy of correct drug use of home care old people after creative “colorful education-hygiene direct sheet” and “smile flow chart”

Mei-Hou CHUN, Yi-Fan TSAI

Use of motion detector lighting to Improve the Safety of Senior Residents' Home Environment

Tsung-Tu HSIEH, Yu-Tai LO, Wen-Chin LIOU, Yi-Hua YANG

Community Integration: Adult Day Care Services in Taiwan

Hsiangyi CHEN, Shu-Chen LEE, Li-Li TSAI, Yu-Shin CHANG

Three-Phase Hospital-based Community Healthcare Intervention for Specific Population Living in the Area around Cijin Chiang Kai-Shek Temple

Yi-Chin WANG, Shu-Yuan JIAN, Yong-Chuan CHUNG, Yu-Chin WENG

Educate elderly with chronic diseases on polypharmacy management

Shu-Ping HUANG, Yi-Fan TSAI

The influences of Social Relation and Activity Participation on Place Attachment and Health in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Shun-Ping CHENG, I-Ju CHEN

Exercise and Group recreational Activities Intervention Programs to Improve Physical and Emotional Wellness in Community-Dwelling Frail Elderly

Chia-Lin LO, Hsiang-Lin LI, Pei-Hsuan WENG, Hui-Ting HUANG, Hsin-Ying LIN, Yi-Ching CHEN, Ying-Hsiang CHUO

First fall prediction in the community-dwelling elderly. Towards a sustainable prevention strategy


Effects of Physical Exercise on the Elderly in the Community



Promoting a healthy lifestyle of the elderly

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

12-Week Chair Exercise to Enhance Elderly’s Handgrip Strength and Walking Speed

Chu-Nhan TSENG, Yu-Lan CHANG, Chung-Feng WENG, Hung-Yu HSIEH, En-Tien YEH

Effectiveness on the health status of the elderly in a Taiwanese community after introducing fitness activities

Li Chueh KAO, Siou Ling JHONG, Ho Su HSIEH

An evaluation on the implementation of regular exercise to reduce weakening for elderly in community

Chia-Len SHEN, Mei-Hou CHUN, Ya-Ling CHAN, Chia-Chien HSU, Hsueh-Ping YEH, Yi-Fan TSAI

LOHAS Shilin, Elderly Health through Fitness

Li-Chen HUANG, Jo-Fen YEH, Lu-Fang YUAN

Effect of Muscle Endurance Core Muscle Training in geriatric day care On Elderly

Yu Ting YEN, Shu-Fen CHEN, Huei-Lan LU

Nutritional Status and Functionality of Elderly Persons; A comparison between Institutionalized and Non-institutionalized Elderly persons in Nairobi City County, in Kenya

Judy MUGO, Ochieng GEORGE, Judith WAUDO, VIncent ONYWERA

Improving residents’ satisfaction with meals in a hospital-affiliated nursing home

Huei-Fang HUANG, Yu-Tai LO, Chin-Chi YE, Wen-Chin LIOU, Yi-Hua YANG

Culinary activities help improve the health condition of female elders in Dementia Center

Shu-Ning HSU, Yu-Tai LO, Hui-Fen CHIU, Wen-Chin LIOU, Yi-Hua YANG

The intervention of "original shape of the food" treatment with food enzyme were an effectively way to improve elderly’s eating quality

Ming-Hsiang CHEN, Yi-Cheng HOU, Jing-Hui WU, Hao-Wen LIU

Identifying barriers to adequate nutrition therapy in residential care and strategies to improve nutrition therapy

Magdalin CHEONG, Ying Xiao HUANG

The health promotion project for the well-being of body, mind and soul of aged home health care patients and middle-aged & aged caregivers

Shu-Ping WEI, Mei-Ling CHEN, Ying-Wen LU

All roads lead to reducing alcohol drinking

Chun-Kai FANG, Chia-Hua LIN, Pao-Wen SHIH, Tzu-Ching YEH

No more drunk driving again by aggressive education in motor vehicles office

Chun-Kai FANG, Tzu-Ching YEH, Pao-Wen SHIH, Chia-Hua LIN

Association with drinking behavior, alcohol use disorder and mental health factors among university freshman in South Korea

Young-Bok KIM


Smoking cessation

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

Tobacco control class for children can reduce community smoking rate

Kimura MIHO, Takai YOSHIE, Koike AKIO, Takahashi KEIKO, Inamura MAYUMI, Hirasawa KAORU, Shinobi TETSUYA, Fukuba ISAO

The Utility of Collaborations with Medical Associations in Publicizing Smoking Prevention Classes Targeting Elementary School Students

Hideki HASUMA, Sayo OTANI, Yoshie YUKI, Akiko ONISHI, Noritake HIROTA, Syotaro IMAMURA, Miki MATSUOKA, Koichi KAGEYU, Ai NOGUCHI

The Effects of Smoking Cessation Courses on Adolescent Students in Northern Taiwan School

Hao-Wen LIU, Hsin LU, Pang-Hsin HSUEH

The Experience of Applying Free App Software to Help Young People Quit Smoking and Weight Loss

Miao-Ju FANG, Shu-Chao LIN, Ying-O CHEN, Hua-Wen HO, Hui-Yun CHEN, Hsien-Yi LO, Kai-Ling CHANG, Tsung-Lung TSAI, Huei-Fang LIANG

Effect of a Smoking Cessation Program on Inpatients in the Largest Hospital in Southern Iran

Mehrdad ASKARIAN, Fateme TABATABAI, Charles John PALENIK

Effectiveness of a Smoking Cessation Activity for Taxi Drivers in Conjunction with the “Quit and Win” Contest at a Medical Center in Northern Taiwan

Wei-Hsin HUANG, Betty Chia-Chen CHANG, Lee-Ching HWANG, Yu-Hsien CHEN

Use of Creative Campaign to Promote Community Tobacco, Alcohol and Betel Nuts Control

Li-O CHEN, Yu-Tai LO, Yan-Zhen REN, Wen-Chin LIOU, Yi-Hua YANG

Literature Review of use E- Cigarette for Smoking Cessation

Mei-Chun CHEN, Po-Chun SHIU, Su-Chi LIANG, Ya-Hui LIN, Lin-Yu LIAO

Promotion of smoking cessation without borders~ Effect of smoking cessation education in Vietnam

Chiou-Ling SU, Su-Fen CHENG, Jui-Lan HUNG, Mine-Kuei LIN, Meei-Jyhi HUANG, Chia-Yu WU, Mei-Feng YANG, Chin-Fang CHANG, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric risks with varenicline: a nationwide population based study

Yuan-Tsung TSENG, Heng-Horng WANG

Long-Term Major CardiovascularAdverse Events with Bupropion: A Nationwide Population Based Cohort Study in Taiwan

Yuan-Chung TSENG, Heng-Horng WANG


Promoting physical activity

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

The agenda of the “Healthy Exercise Program”


The early rehabilitation for ventilator weaning

Yuru LIN

Exercise intervention improves exercise capacity in head and neck cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

Wei-Ming TSAI, Kun-Ling TSAI

Responsive reactions to different whole body vibration frequencies in patients with Parkinson's disease

Hsiu-Chen LIN, Grace LU, Hsin-Chun TSENG, Chon-Haw TSAI

Using Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) to evaluate consequents of promotion on life quality before and after surgical procedure for patients with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Yen-Chun YEN, Yu-Ruei TIAN, Nai-Chia CHEN, Li-Lin CHEN, Jin-Shiung CHENG

The Study about the Benefits of Walking as Employee’s Daily Exercise in Seoul National University Bundang Hospital(SNUBH)

Kiheon LEE, Iksoon CHOI, Sukwon PARK

Break the rule - to promote Taoyuan City health management program

Huan-Cheng CHANG, Shih-Tien HSU, Sheng-Pyng CHEN, Mei-Chih WANG, Yu-Ling LI, Ya-Yu KUNG, Cheng-Hsin JONG, Yeh-Wan LING, Yu-Shiao CHU, Li-Ying TSENG

Active Society and Health Promotion: Experience in Taiwan

Li-Ju LIN, Chen-Su LIN, Chiung-Dan CHANG, Ting-Chen CHEN, Li-Hui YU, Ying-Wei WANG

Senior Fitness Test at the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Yunlin Christian Hospital in Taiwan

Teng-Wei HO, Chen-Chang HSIUNG, Sung-Jung LEE, Chin-Hui WANG, Te-Chuang FU, Ming-Chih YANG

Elder’s Analysis of Physical Fitness and Suggestion of Health Education in Hualian County, Taiwan

Wan-Hsin CHEN, Yea-Pyng LIN, Chien-Ju CHEN, Wen-Hsi PENG, Pin-Han LIN

Number of Comorbidities Influenced Lower Limbs Performances of the Hip-Fractured Elderly in Taiwan

Yueh-Fang HUANG, Shih-Tsang TANG, Fu-Ling CHU, Yea-Ing Lotus SHYU

Yoga improves Physical Fitness in Older Adults with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


Empirical Studies of Health Promotion on Physical Activity of Elderly People by the Sitting Posture Exercise

Yu-Li CHEN, Hsin-Shu HUANG

Shine Golden Decade Plan for Elderly in Toufen City, Taiwan

Shu-Hua HUANG, Hsu-Chih TAI, Ying-Hua CHAO


Promoting health by physical activity and healthy nutrition

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

Empirical Study of the effective health promotion on Physical Activity of Elderly People by the Sitting Posture Exercise

Yu-Li Chen, Yueh-Juen Hwu, Meng-Jan Chen, Hsin-Shu Huang

Health Coaching to Improve Exercise and Systolic Blood Pressure in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Jung Min KIM, HeyJean LEE, Ji Young MOON, YeoungHeui BAEG, DanBi CHOI, Eun-Hee CHO, Yong Hoon KIM, Ji Hye LEE, Hyuk Nyu KWON

Band Stretching for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders in a Health Promoting Hospital

Woo-seok JUNG, Kiheon LEE, Sukwon PARK

The Effect of Yoga-based Pulmonary Rehabilitation on dyspnea, coughing, and 6MWD among COPD in Taiwan


Effects of Scapular Control Exercise on Scapular Kinematics, Shoulder Functions, and Pain in Elderly Patients with Massive Rotator Cuff Tear

Hoi-Wa AO, Yi-Ju TSAI, Wei-Ren SU, Pei-San WANG, Zhao-Wei LIU, Wen-Ling CHEN

Investigate the satisfaction of the five-color vegetarian blenderized food

Shih-Ching KUO, Wen-Hsin CHIU, Ming-Hsiang CHEN, Yi-Ting FANG, Xin-Yan ZHANG, Yu-Fang LIN, Jing-Hui WU

Potentially Modifiable Conventional Risk Factors Influencing Serum Triglycerides: A Co-twin Control Study in Korea

Bumjo OH, Joohon SUNG

Customer satisfaction survey for "Da Ai" vegetarian food court

Wen-Hsin Chiu, Zhe-Wei Zhou, I-Liang Huang, Yu-Fang Lin, Jing-Hui Wu

Living with CKD: Association between nutrition education intervention model and patient' motivation and satisfaction

Fang-Ching HU, Ju-Hsia TSENG, Yin-Ying LEE

Attitude, behavior and behavior modification strategies of diet and exercise in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in a community hospital in southern Taiwan

Yuh Wei Wang, Kuei Hua Lee, Ya Ting Cheng, Chen Chien Chun, Li Lan Huang, Shuen Fa Lin

The Effectiveness of the DIET-STAR App for Healthy Diet and Weight Management in an Urban Community in Taiwan

Lee-Ching HWANG, Betty Chia-Chen CHANG, Hsin-Lung CHAN, Wei-Hsin HUANG, Shu-Chen LEE

The effect of the LEARN program on weight control

Chao-Yang FU, Lin-Yu LIAO, Chui-Yi PAN

An approach to increasing oral intake of food through medical and dental collaboration.

Junko ODA, Sanae KAKIUCHI, Tadashi YAMADA, Reiko MURAYAMA, Miyuki WATANABE, Chisato AMARI, Yuki TOKUNAGA, Hazuki KAWASE, Fumihiro SAITOH, Kyota NEGISHI

Healthy and nutritious meals, happy employees

pei-ju Hsieh

The effect of low - fat healthy diet on employees' weight control

Shu-Chen Ko, Chia-Ching Lin

Association between Beverage Consumption, Obesity, and Metabolic Syndrome: A community-based cross sectional research

Yiu-Hua CHENG, Yueh-E LIN

Promote Community Behavioral Intention of Healthy Diet by Creating Healthy Diet Supportive Environment.

Yu Lan CHANG, Chun-Han TSENG, Chung-Feng WENG, Hung-Yu HSIEH, En-Tien YEH

Long Term Effects of Graded Stage with Multiple Strategies Program on Weight Loss among Community Women.

Li-Chun HSIAO, Chi-Jane WANG

Improve the Weight-Control Effect for Postpartum Women by Using Telephone Interview Support Strategy

Pei-Jyun CHEN, Yen-Tze LIU, Yu-Ting NIEN, Li Ya CHEN, Yi Fang TSAI


Improving health of cancer patients

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

Experience sharing at a community - based hospital to promote cancer screening

Hsien-Yi LO, Shu-Chao LIN, Hui-Yun CHEN, Wan-Yi CHENG, Kai-Ling CHANG, Tsung-Lung TSAI

Rural-urban differences in cancer care in Taiwan, 2011~2015: cancer mortality between aboriginal and non-aboriginal areas as indicators

Hsiu-Ling WANG, Yuan-Han YANG, Ming-Yen HSIEH, Aij-Lie KWAN, Hui-Chung LIU

Nutrition counseling for cancer patients enhance the correct dietary pattern and nutritional knowledge during chemotherapy

Yin-Ying LEE, Cha-Chiung YAO, Yi-cheng HOU, Jing-Hui WU, Hao-Wen LIU

The Effectiveness of Nutritional Interventions in oral Cancer Patients

Hsin-Chun FENG, Yueh-Hsia KUO, Hui-Chuen CHEN

The cancer patient's rehabilitation and return to work

Ermanno RONDINI, Franco PUGLIESE, Cristina MARCHESI, Marco TAMELLI, Gianfranco MARTUCCI, Daniela RICCO', Antonio CHIARENZA, Sandra BOSI

The Effectiveness of Regular Breast Self Examination Combined with BSE Record Handbook Utilization in early detection of Breast Cancer in Thailand : A Cohort Study


Comparison of Outcomes with Baloon Size after Intraoperative Radiotherapy for Early Breast Cancer

Ming-Chi HUANG, Yu-Yun KAO, Huan-Chun CHEN, Yu-Han ZHANG, Jen-Yang TANG

A Community Hospital Providing Friendly Environment and Implementing Patient-Centered Care for Breast Cancer Patient in Taiwan

Kuan-Hung CHEN, Chi-Wen TU, Chun-Te CHUANG, Yen-Chi LIAO, Wei CHEN

Survival of women with cervical cancer according to Pap smear screening exposed: results from a single institution study.

Mei-Wen CHEN, Tung-Hao CHANG

Promotion of eradication for Helicobacter Pylori has good effect on prevention of gastric cancer even in our aging advanced community.


Investigation into positive confounding factors of colorectal cancer screening

Yu-Ling CHANG, Pei-Ling CHIU, Fang-Ming CHEN, Deng-Chyang WU

Outcomes and Acute Toxicity of Electronic Superficial Brachytherpy for Non-melanoma Skin cancer

Ya-Lin LIN, Yu-Yun KAO, Huan-Chun CHEN, Kun-Han LEE, Yu-Han ZHANG, Jen-Yang TANG


Strengthening patient safety

Venue: Kleiner Hörsaal Tiefparterre

Strengthening patients’ safety by lowering chances of patients falls through Team Resource Management

Hui-Ling LIU, Xane-Lane HUNG, Hsin-Yi CHANG, Pei-Lin LIAO, Shu-Ting CHUANG, Sou-Hsin CHIEN

Team Resource Management Strategy on Reducing Fall Injury in Medical Center

Te-Hsin CHANG, Mei-Yu Lee, Wei-Chu SHIH, Chia-Chi Wei, Hui-Fen HSING

New challenge by dental hygienists contributing to oral and physical health of inpatients

Kato RIKA, Sato MIYUKI, Saito TAKAO, Endo MASAO, Namura MAYUMI, Takahashi KEIKO, Shinobi TETSUYA, Fukuba ISAO, Hirasawa KAORU

Reduction of inappropriate prescription error rates for inpatient self-prepared drugs

Huang Chang TSENG

Reducing Central Venous Catheter Associated Bloodstream Infection Rates in Intensive Care Unit

Tzu-Yin LIU, Yu-Pei LEE, Po Shuo HUANG, Tun-Chieh CHEN, Wan Yin HSU

Pilot Rewards Program on Fall Prevention

Ming-Tsu TSAI, Chun-Hua LIN, Hsiao-Ju HOU, Jeng-Chuan SHIANG, Chia-Hsuan LIN

By using gauze with 0.2% chlorhexidine mouthwash in oral care to reduce respirator related contract pneumonia infections

Ya-Meei LUE, Mei-Lin YEH, Cun-Man LEE, Hsiu-Fen YANG, Yu-Yi TANG, Li-Ying LIN, Yan-Choiu KU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Why don’t Iranian Health Care Workers Report Medical Errors?

Nahid HATAM, Seyyed Mohammad Mahdi SHERAFAT, Maryam GHODSI, Zahra SHAYAN, Charles John PALENIK, Mehrdad ASKARIAN


Reducing pain and anxiety

Venue: Kleiner Hörsaal Tiefparterre

Use of music therapy to reduce anxiety from chest rehabilitation for responaut

Shin-Fang YANG, Yi-Fan TSAI

Compare analgesic and Auricular massage in postoperative pain and anxiety

Shu Wen YANG

Use of Functional Movement Screening for dancers’ foot and ankle injuries


The overview of patient acuteness in gastroscopy

Yen-Ting KUO, Yi-Shiuan CHEN, Yu-Han CHANG, Ching-Wan WANG

Prevalence of pain among the elderly in tertiary hospitals in South Korea

Seol-Heui HAN, Yoon-Sook KIM, Ji-Sun LEE

To Enhance the Fifth Vital Sign: Program to Improve the Accuracy of Record of Pain Assessment

Hui-Yu HUANG, Hsin-Yi YANG, Lun-Hui HO

Comparison the effect of acupressure and point stickers for shoulder and neck pain in Taiwan clinical nurses

Shu-Fang CHANG, Hui-Xian LIN, Shu-Fen SUN, Jing-Yi YANG, Jin-Fen LI, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Using Neoh Acupuncture System For Pain Management To Facilitate Health Promotion And Changing Life Style

Choo-Aun NEOH, Teck-Siang TOK, Cheng-Chih KAO

Health promotion for terminal patents from quality control of pain-free

Chun-Kai FANG

A discussion of the requirements of patient satisfaction Of the palliative and hospice care

Ming-Yu CHEN

Palliative Care in Austria 2016 – 2017



Skill development among hospital staff

Venue: Kleiner Hörsaal Tiefparterre

Development of the Instructional Design of Intravenous Injection Skill for New Nurses and Their Implementation and Evaluation

Shu-Min YEH, Hui-Ting HUANG

Application of health education module to decrease rate of nasogastric tube slippage

Hui-Wen KO, Heng-Yi TENG, Mei-Chuan WU

Lowering Wound Infection Rate after Discharge through Designed Illustrative Health Education on Wound Care

Ya-Chen HE, Chi-Chen HSU, Chao-Lin WANG, Shu-Ting CHUANG, Sou-Hsin CHIEN

Effect of the Holistic Education Program on Improve Holistic Care for Nurses

Yan-Choiu KU, Li-Ying LIN, Shiow-Rong JEANG, Hui-Ling CHEN, Pei-Hern WANG, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Use of Team Resource Management (TRM) to Improve the Integrity of Patients’ Implementation of Rehabilitation Sports Program after Lower Limb Fracture Surgery

Hsin-Yi LIN, Yi-Ling WANG, Hsin-hui TSAI, Yu-ting HUNG, Wen-chuan KUNG


Health promotion for hospital staff

Venue: Kleiner Hörsaal Tiefparterre

Underlying Medical Condition Is Associated With Sleep Disturbance in Nursing Staff: Key to Monitoring and Early Intervention

Wei-Chun CHENG, Hsiao-Fang CHEN, Shu-Fang WU, Chih-Shiung HU

Use of health association to increase the nursing workplace satisfaction

Jia-Ci JHUANG, Shu-Chuan CHIANG, Yu-Ching LIN, Hui-Wen HUNG, Chin-Ju LIN, Chin-Ju LIN, Mei-Chuan WU, Heng-Yi TENG

Discussion on Implementing Health Promotional Behaviors of Nursing Practitioners

Hsueh-Chen LAI, Yung-Yu SU

Comparing the behaviors’ of health promotion within nurses among two regional hospitals in Southern Taiwan

Hsueh-Chen LAI, Yung-Yu SU, Ying-Ying CHEN, Chi-Chen HUANG

Using adjustable straps to improves the clinical convenience of nurses

Hsiang-Ying Hung, Shu-Chuan CHIANG, Tzu-Wei TSENG, Mei-Chuan WU, Heng-Yi TENG

An outbreak investigation of type A influenza among healthcare providers in a regional hospital in Southern Taiwan

Tzu-Yin LIU, Lih-Yueh LI, Chiung-Wen CHAN, Hui-Chuan PAN, Tun-Chieh CHEN

LINE together - Promote hospital staff participation in voluntary service programs

Hung-Cheng CHANG, Shih-Tien HSU, Sheng-Pyng CHEN, Mei-Chih WANG, Yu-Ling LI, Shu-Hui LIU, Tien-Hsuan CHU, Cheng-Hsin JONG

Application of whole-body FDG-PET for cancer screening in a cohort of hospital employees

Yu-Li CHIU, Chun-Peng LIU, Jin-Shiung CHENG, Chin HU, Hung-Pin CHAN, Nan-Jing PENG

Improve working environment and the physical and mental health of the staff members in IT department

Hsin-I LI, Yu-Tai LO, Li-O CHEN, Wen-Chin LIOU, Yi-Hua YANG

Effects of Brief Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on the Attention Awareness, Stress, and Standard Deviation of All Normal-to-Normal Intervals of Pediatric Nursing Staff

Yang-Yu CHEN

The Relationship between Burnout Patterns and Coping Styles among Emergency Department Nurse in Taiwan

Qi-Zhen XIE, Chieh-Fan CHEN, Gau-Tyan LIN, Shu-Lin CHEN

Physicians' Lifestyle and Burnout: An Unfavorable Connection

Hsiu-Ling WANG, Yuan-Han YANG, Joon-Khim LOH, Aij-Lie KWAN

Relationship between Emotional Labor, Burnout and Job Satisfaction among Frontline Staff at Public Hospitals in Northern Taiwan

Ian-Horng CHEN, Chii-Shya CHEN, Yin-Yin CHEN

Burn Out Syndrome in dental university of Athens


Stakeholder Approach of Work-Life Balance (WLB) : Experiences from one non-profit hospital in Taiwan

Hsiu-Ling WANG, Yuan-Han YANG, Wen-Jeng WU, Deng-Chyang WU

Assessment and Reduction of In-Hospital Workplace Stress to Promote Staff Health

Wei-Chun CHENG, Hsiao-Fang CHEN, Chih-Shiung HU

Factor analysis of whole person health among employees in a hospital

Chun-Kai FANG, Shih-Hsuan PI, Chih-Ju LIU

Behavioral Modification of Health Staff Participating in the "Health Challenge"


A Preliminary Study of Prevalence of the Metabolic Syndrome and Its Determinants among One Hospital's Staff in New Taipei City

Yi-Lin SU, Yen-Cheng CHEN, Shu-Chi TENG, Feng-Chin LIN, Chih-Chieh CHANG, Yu-Chin LEE


Promoting a healthy lifestyle of hospital staff

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A Study on Health Promotion Life Style of Hospital Staff and Its Determinants

Yi-Lin SU, Yen-Cheng CHEN, Shu-Chi TENG, Feng-Chin LIN

Regular yoga improves the body fat composition and physical fitness of hospital staffs who have no exercise habits


Preliminary study on the effect of cyclical intervention in hospital staffs

Jung-Ying HOU, Jian-Yu WANG, Wei CHEN

Workplace Health Promotion hospital staff to enhance a healthy lifestyle behaviors and weight loss success

Chin Lien LAI

Love Exercise Enjoy Health

Shu Ling HSU, Min Chen LEE, Yu Ya SYU, Yuh Pin LU, Jen Ho LEE, Rong Bin HONG, Li Wun HUANG, Hsu Feng HSIAO

Effects of 12-week Exercise (Interval Training) Program on Workers’ Health Promotion at a General Hospital

Na-Kyoung KWON, Heong-Min KIM, Hyun-Jung KIM, Ji-Hyeon BANG

Create Nutrition-Supportive Environment for Iron-Nutritional Status Improved in Hospital Women Staff

Chiu-Ping HSU, Huang-Yu CHANG, Chia-Hsin YU, Yu-Wen LIN, Nan-Ping YANG, Ching-Feng LIN

To create a healthy food supply environment - Online credit card ordering management platform

Hsiao-Jung TSAI, Shu-Chi LIN, Jiyuen-Tieng CHEN, Chia-Lun TSAI, Tzu-Ching CHAO, Hui-Ting HUANG, Ying-Hsiang CHUO

Experience Sharing in Healthy Eating Promotion in NTUH

Ya-Ting KUO, Tsung-Wen LIU, Ya-Ting YU, Pei-Hsuan LI, I-Ling YEH, Pei-Chen HSIAO, Chin-Pao CHENG, Hui-Chuen CHEN

Apply the Strategy of Light Meal DIY to Reduce the Habit of Regular Out-Eat Health Care Providers in Changhua Christian Hospital

Pei-Ju HUANG, Pei-Jyun CHEN, Yu-Ting NIEN, Li-Ya CHEN, Yi-Fang TASI, Hung-Yu SUN

Let's Practice Low Sodium Diet For Health.

Sukwon PARK, Kiheon LEE, Iksoon CHOI

The Effects of Workplace Obesity Prevention Program

Chun-Chi TSAI, Ching-Cheng LIN, Ming-Ku CHUNG

The experience of obesity intervention for employees through lifestyle intervention and exercise

Jungsun PARK, Hanna KIM, Seokhee HAN, Eunhee NAH, Kiboung HYUNG, Jong-Yil CHAI

Workplace health promotion: Experiences of Weight Control Class for Employees

Yen-Tze LIU, Pei-Jyun CHEN, Yi-Fang TSAI, Yi-Bei LIN, Wan-Chin CHEN

The Effectiveness of Self-regulation Weight Control among the Health Promoting Hospital Employees

Yong-Chuan CHUNG, Shu-Yuan JIAN, Yi-Chin WANG, Je-Mich CHANG

Effectiveness of a multidisciplinary Weight-Loss Program for Overweight and Obesity Adults in Medical Center

Nai-Chia CHEN, Yueh-Hsia KUO, Ching-Ju HSIAO, Chin-Pao CHENG, Hui-Chuen CHEN

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the weight loss health promotion

Pei-Lei SUN, Jin-Shiung CHENG


Workplace health promotion

Venue: Kleiner Hörsaal Tiefparterre

Healthy Lively and Happy Employees

Hui-Tzu CHEN, Hsiu-Mei LIN, Shu-Chen LEE, Wei-Hsin HUANG, Lee-Ching HWANG

The health of employees is the company's most valuable asset~ Enhance staff influenza vaccination rates

Su-Fen CHENG, Jui-Lan HUNG, Jin-Feng WU, Meei-Jyhi HUANG, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Establishing health promotion hospital — Seasonal influenza vaccination coverage by health care workers in Ping-tung Christian hospital

SooJin LIM, Cheng-Chih KAO, Li-Hsiang CHEN

Effects of a biofeedback trainer on spinal posture in computer users with neck pain

Pei-San WANG, Yi-Ju TSAI, Yi-Fan WU, Hoi-Wa AO, Yi-Liang KUO

Workplace health promotion

Sue-Mei HONG, Yu-Ying YANG

Create A Friendly Workplace by Shaping Health Promotion Climate

Hui-Ru HUANG, Ming-Ku CHUNG, Chun-Chi TSAI

Establish a Best Quality Workplace to Improve the Turnover Rate of Nursing Staff


Study on Teaching Style of Clinical Teachers and Learning Outcome of New Employees

Ching Hsin CHEN, Tai Cheng HO, Chiao Chu LIAO

Improve the completion of medical staffs’ handover for post-surgical patients of SICU by means of Time out method.

Yu-Ping HO, Pei-Chi HSIEH, Mei-Hui WANG, Shu-Ting CHUANG, Sou-Hsin CHIEN

Resilience Plus


An Evaluation of Integrative Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Approach: A Case Study of a Regional Hospital in Taiwan.

Sou-Hsin CHIEN, Ching-Yuan CHEN, Chien-Ting LIN, Ying-Fang PAN, Shu-Ting LI, Yi-Ling LAI, Pin-Yi CHANG

The Satisfaction Analysis of employee’s Welfare and Health services

I Fen LIANG, Qin-Jia ZHENG, Chong Yu HONG, Fang Jun LIN

Used WHO Healthy Workplace Model to Promote Workplace Violence Prevention Program in Hospital

Yi-Lin SU, Chih-Chieh CHANG, Chin-Hsiang WANG, Yu-Chin LEE

The Evaluation of Emergency Department Nurses Workplace Violence in Taiwan

Chin-Ming SU, Shu-Lin CHEN

The basic occupational health services (BOHS) plan for Wan Fang Medical CenterThe basic occupational health services (BOHS) plan for Wan Fang Medical Center

Hui-Chun HUANG, Yi-Nei HSU, Ching-I YEH, Pai-Tsang HUANG, Ying-Hua SHIEH

Examining the association between the antioxidant capacity and high-frequency hearing loss in noise-exposed worker

Tung-Wei KAO, Wei-Liang CHEN, Chung-Ching WANG, Chen-Jung WU, Sheng-Ta CHIANG, Li-Wei WU

Method of adoption of all the compensatory measures provided by the FSMS (Fire Security Management System)

Gian Carlo SCARPINI, Carluccio TORTI, Elisa SOTTOTETTI

To Create A Safe and Healthy Workplace

Yu-Ling TU, Fang-Yi TSAI, Chun-Huang LAI, Chia-Chi YEN

Health promotion and patient safety - Friendly safety restraints

Ching-Yi PAN, Hsing-Wei HUNG

Safe Patient Handling in Nursing Homes for a Safer Work Environment

Chin-Yen YU, Yu-Tai LO, Chien-Fen TUNG, Wen-Chin LIOU, Yi-Hua YANG

Obstacle factors With Nurses in Using Safety Needles

Yi-Lin SU, Mei-Chiung FU