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Poster sessions 2
from abstracts received Friday, April 14, 2017 15:30-16:15


Health promoting health care in the Czech Republic

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

Do not be afraid of doctor, let's go to hospital Pelhřimov


Health Promotion Activities in Sumperk Hospital


Efficiency of system of hospital care in the Czech Republic through volunteer care


Hospital survey on patient safety culture in South Bohemia region.


Stop smoking before surgery

Tomas PETR, Lenka GUTOVA

The University Hospital in Olomouc - active approach in smoking prevention


We support the health of clients and employees of Jihlava Hospital


Promoting health in Valasske Mezirici Hospital – a friendly place to live and work.


Supporting your health by improving your lifestyle


Possibility of Nutritional intervention from the perspective of a nurse



Environment-friendly health care

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

Reduction, Replacement and Improvement of Hazardous Chemicals

Ya-Ling TSAI, Yin-Chen CHEN, Chao- Ling WANG, Ying-Lan CHU

Experience of Collective Measurement of Air Pollution and NO2


A pilot Study of Indoor air quality for Friendly Buildings - An Example of a Health Promoting Hospital in Taiwan

Yong-Yuan FANG, Yi-Liang CHEN, Yao-Tsung HSIEH, Tien-Sheng TSAI*

Microbial air monitoring in operating rooms at a medical center in northern Taiwan

Yin Yin CHEN, Ian Horng CHEN, Chii Shya CHEN, Hui Hsin Wu, Fu Der WANG

A Project to Improve Air Quality of Outpatient Waiting Area -An Example of a Regional Hospital in Southern Taiwan

Yong-Yuan FANG, Chun-Wei SHEN, Yao-Zong XIE, Han-Syuan FANG, Yi-Liang CHEN

Using GRI G4 Guidelines & ISO50001:2011 standards to improve the Sustainability - An Example of a Health Promopting Hospital in Taiwan

Tien-Sheng TSAI, Wei-Yi CHEN, Szu-Yu CHEN, Kuo-Hsing LIN, Ming-Feng HOU, Jeng-Yih WU, Yin-Chih FU

Twice Certified Diamond-rated “Green Building” (especially for old hospital transformed the highest E.E.W.H. award): A Case study of a Health Promoting Hospital in Taiwan

Yi-Liang CHEN, Hsun-Ting CHENG, Yong-Yuan FANG, Tien-Sheng TSAI*

medical technology department seashore-clean program


Topic Health Promotion Hospitals and Environmentally Friendly Issue Project - Take Suang Ho Hospital as an Example

Chih-Chieh HUANG, Shih-Chih LEE, Wen-Huei CHEN, Chung-Chi HUANG, Ying-Weu WANG

Environment-Friendly, Community-Friendly, Workplace-Friendly, Ageing-Friendly: A P.P.P. (public-private partnerships) Model at a Health Promopting Hospital in Taiwan

Wen-Hui SU, Kuo-Hsing LIN, Tien-Sheng TSAI*, Ming-Feng HOU

The environment friendly inhalers for asthma patients

Li-Ching FANG, Jen-Yu WANG


Sustainable health systems to improve health for all

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

Hospital Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: Experiences from 19 Large Sized hospitals in Taiwan

Hsiu-Ling Wang, Yuan-Han Yang, Aij-Lie Kwan, Joon-Khim Loh, Wen-Jeng Wu

Improvement of Sustainable Referral System for Public Health Promotion in Regional Community

Ji Ung PARK, Hanna KIM, Kwang-Wook PARK, Min-Hyun PARK

A study of the adoption and utilization of high-tech technologies under the National Health Insurance in Taiwan: The case of computed tomography


Decision-assisted support system for lung cancer analysis and detection

Yushan HSU

Analysis of Medical Expenses of Elderly Patients Hospitalized in Tertiary Hospitals in Korea

Yoon-Sook KIM, Seol-Heui HAN, Jeong-Hae HWANG, Jongmin LEE, Mi Ryeong SONG


Using ICTs to promote health

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

The Value-added Application Service Platform of Cloud Information on Taiwan National Health Management

Chia-Hui LEE, Ching-Fei TSOU, Kuei-Chuan CHI, Chun-Po CHEN

Creating a Patient Safety Indicator System with Cloud Infographic to Promote Efficiency of Quality Management in Health Care

Hui-Fen HSING, In-Fun LI, Te-Hsin CHANG, Mei-Yu LEE

Strategies to Improve the Reading Rate of Pharmacloud System in a Community Medical Group

I-Ching LIN, Pei-Yu YANG, Yi-Chun PAN, Hung-Yu SUN, Ying-Li LIN*

The Integrated Utilization of Medical Orders and National Health Insurance PharmaCloud System

Jui-fang CHEN

Analysis on the Effectiveness of Mobile Service for Approving Electronic Documents at Hospitals

Pan Gyu KIM, Choon Sung KIM, Woo Cheol JEONG, Hye-Jung SHIN, Myoung Ock AHN

Estimation of Using Wearable Devices to Health Promotion

Chen-Yu LIN, Chien-Min HUANG, Chun-Chi TSAI

A study on the factors influencing the intention of adopting Health Bank Service

Rei-Tung CHANG, Wan-Ting TSENG, Yi-Fang LAI, Jin-Sheng ROAN

Improvement of Dispensing Errors in the Outpatient by HFMEA

Hui-Chuan CHEN, Men-Hui CHANG

Establish a friendly medical environment to enhance the patient satisfaction

Shih-Chin CHEN, Wan-Chen LI

Utilize multi-media health education film to improve completion rate

Shu-Chin CHEN, Ya-Lin SHEN, Yi-Ru TSAI

Educate patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to use metered dose inhaler accurately through poster and video

Wen-Ssuan SU, Yi-Fan TSAI

Google Apps apply to group physical fitness activities

Kun-Hung LIN, Yi-Ching WANG, Min-Hui LI, Chun-Han YANG, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Enhance the effectiveness of smoking cessation services through information technology

Jin-Shiung CHENG, Chung-Lung HUNG, Yan-Chiou KU, Shiow-Rong JEANG, Ting-Ting WU

Evaluation of educating patients on shoulder joints exercise through mnemonic and educational media

Yi-Ling YEN, Yi-Ju LIN, Tsung-Han LEE, Yi-Fan TSAI

A sustainable project for Specific Learning Disorders through ICTs


The use of ointment pictorial card in assisting ward’s assistant to accurately apply skin ointment

Shin-Fang YANG, Yi-Fan TSAI

A Study on the Factors Influencing Nurses’ Intention to Use Nursing Information Systems for Patient Admission Assessment

Wan-Ting TSENG, Rei-Tung CHANG, Ting-Yun ZHENG, Jin-Sheng ROAN

Factors Affecting Nurses’ Continuance Usage Intention of Healthcare Knowledge Sharing Systems

Wan-Ting TSENG, Rei-Tung CHANG, Yu-Ching HSU, Jin-Sheng ROAN


Patient empowerment and involvement

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

A Preliminary Study on the Construction of Professional Relationship Quality of Medical Social Work Service with patients in Taiwan

Wen Chien HSIEH, Chiao Min HU, Shen Han LIN, Tsui Jung HSU

The Effectiveness of Using Electronic Wallets to Enhance the Financial Self - management of Psychiatric Patient in a Rehabilitation Ward

Wei-Chen WANG, Huei-Lan LU

An Analysis of Self-recorded Side Effects of Chemotherapy by Ovarian Cancer Patients

Hui-Chun HSU, Mei-Yao HO, Su-Yu TSAI, Shang-Liang WU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Empowering people with cancer in the management of their disease


Utilize multiple approaches and interventions to shorten the consideration time for giving rt-PA to stroke patient

Yen-Wen LU, Hui-Jen CHEN, Chi-Hsun LIEN, Chao-Hsin Wu WU, Hung-Yi HSU

A preliminary study on supporting group activities of liver transplant patients with the intervention of medium of art

Li-Min YANG, Hsiao-Ruei SUNG, Li-Li TSAI, Shu Chen LEE

Implications of Empowerment Model for Elderly Patients with Heart Failure

Chi Leong WONG

Analysis of Poor Glycemic Control of The Elderly

Hsinghui CHEN, Wen-I HOU, Mei-Tsu CHEN

End of Life Care in Kaplan Medical center in ISRAEL

Rina GABISON, Yardena KOL

The validation process of a scale to measure the nursing competences in international cooperation’s context



Promoting mental health of patients and staff

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

The Effectiveness of Appling Horticultural Therapy for Psychiatric Patient- Example From The Day Care Center In A Medical Center In Taiwan

Hui-Ju SIE, Wan-Shan LIU, Chi-Feng LIN, Chih-Ju LIU, Nian-Jie SIE

The Effect of Group-Based Horticultural Therapy Health Promoting Program on the Psychiatric Health Care in Psychiatric Patients

Mei-Jou LU, Sheng-Tzu HSU, Li-Shiu CHOU

Investigation of Measures in Managing Difficult Patients and Family in a Public General Medical Hospital: A Preliminary Study

Hyunchung KIM, Bok-Kyu SONG, Sungyoung PARK, Unchang JIN, Jaehoon CHUNG, Bommon CHOI

Provide Care for Medical Events: A Case of Amniotic Fluid Embolism

Ching-Cheng LIN, Ken-Shu LEE

An investigation on the stress of the main caregivers of disabled patients

Kai-Ling CHANG, Shu-Chao LIN, Hsien-Yi LO, Tsung-Lung TSAI

An Evaluation Study of Health Care Quality Based on Patients’ Experience

Qing XIA, Hong XU, Xiaobo ZHANG

Prevalence and risk factors of depression of hemodialysis patients in Pintung City

Hui-Yuan LIAO, Yung-Cheng HUANG, Cheng-Chih KAO

An Exploration of the Application of Dialectical Behavior Therapy to a Group for Repeated Suicide Attempters

Fu-Nung HSU, Hsueh-Yin WANG, Ching-Mien LIAO, Yi-Wen LIAN, Chen-Pang WANG, Huei-Lan LU

Moral Distress Experience in Teaching Hospitals

Mohammad-Hossein VAZIRI, Mohammad-Reza SOHRABI, Amir KAVOUSI, Batool TAYEFI, Esmat DAVOUDI-MONFARED, Seyed-Vahid ASGARI, Kobra NOORI

The Burnout Status and Coping Behavior of Emergency Department Nurses in Taiwan

Ching-Yi CHEN, Chieh-Fan CHEN, Gau-Tyan LIN, Shu-Lin CHEN

Exhausted Health Care Provider Cannot Raise Satisfaction Up

Shoo-Mei WEN, Chieh-Fan CHEN, Gau-Tyan LIN, Shu-Lin CHEN

The Effect of Stress Reduction for Hospital Staff by Tabletop Games

Chih-Ming CHANG, Chun-Huang LAI, Chia-Chi YEN

The effectiveness of Integrated Stress Management and Health Promotion into the Continuing Educations for Nurses

Wan-Ling WENG, Hsin-Shu HUANG

Improve Staff Pressure, Into The Happy Factor For Staff Psychology

Jen-Chieh CHEN, Ya-Ling LI, Li-Cheng CHEN, Chia-Chi YEN, Chun-Huang LAI

The Factors Affecting Work-related Stress Experienced by Nursing Staff and their Coping Strategies – A Study of Gynecological, Obstetric and Pediatric Regional Hospital in Taipei City

Chii-Shya CHEN, Ian-Horng CHEN, Yin-Yin CHEN

The correlation among nurse practitioner’s job stress, job fatigue, and job satisfaction-Based on veteran hospitals in Southern Taiwan

Yen-Ho LAI, Chi-Wei TUAN, Yan-Choiu KU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Study on the Relationship between Part-time Manpower Input and the Job Pressure and Burnout of Nurses

Hui-Yu HUANG, Hsin-Yi YANG, Yu-Yi KAO, Min-Yu CHANG

The Analysis of Consultation-liaison Service In a Medical center

Chen-Hsiang SU

Measures to Alleviate the Work Stress of Outpatient Staff

Chu-Shih YEH, Mei-Huei TSAI, Fang-Chun WEI

The Effectiveness of Applying BSRS-5 Health Scale in Earthquake Disaster Mental Health Assessment: A Experience of Earthquake Disaster in South of Taiwan

Ching-Mien LIAO, Hsueh-Yin WANG, Yi-Wen LIAN, Fu-Nung HSU, Chen-Pang WANG, Huei-Lan LU


Health promotion in psychiatric care

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

The Issue of teenage Suicide

Shu-Lin CHEN

The Effectiveness of Using Exercise Time Schedule to Enhance the Exercise Time of Psychiatric Inpatients

Pei-Shan LI, Ching-Ting SU, Huei-Lan LU, Ching-Ming CHENG

The Effectiveness of Applying Therapeutic Emulation Community Concepts in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation ward


Exploring the Regular Exercise Intervention on the Improvement of Chronic Diseases in Psychiatric Nursing Home

Shu-Yuh PI, Huei-Lan LU

A Pilot Study of the IPSRT Group Therapy Health Promotion Intervention for Partial Hospitalization with Bipolar Disorder and Depressive Disorder

Sheng-Tzy HSU, Mei-Jou LU, Su-Ting HSU, Li-Shiu CHOU

The Effectiveness of Applying the Ottawa Charter to Improve Obesity of Psychiatric Inpatients in the Rehabilitation Ward

Hui-Ling TSAI, Shu-Hua SHEN, Huei-Lan LU, Ching-Ming CHENG

The Discussion of Telephone Follow-up Service for Patients Discharged from Acute Ward of Department of Psychiatry in a General Hospital

Pei-Wen CHUNG, Yi-Kai CHEN, Su-Zu CHANGE, Wei-Hsin WU, Yu-Wen LIN, Nan-Ping YANG, Ching-Feng LIN

Application of Family Caring Model in Psychiatric Day Patient

Sue-Fen CHEN, Mei-Hung LEE, Huei-Lan LU, Ching-Ming CHENG

Nursing Experience on a Patient Abusing Amphetamine During Manic Depressive Occurrence

Yi-Yuan Peng, Hsin-Shu Huang

Sense of Wellbeing and Job Satisfaction of Nurses in Taiwan

Hui-Chuan HUANG

A Nurse's Experience Applying Grief Counseling to a widows

Shu-Lin CHEN


Maternal and newborn health

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

Analysis of contraception method in migrant women

Virginia GIGLIO, Antonio CHIARENZA, Benedetta RIBOLDI, Cinzia GRADELLINI

Life Experiences of Women with Home Birth

Chih-Jung KUO, Hui-Ting HUANG

Applying a Caesarean Section Infection Prevention Bundle on Reducing Women’s Post-Caesarean Section Wound Infection Rate in a Teaching Hospital in Taipei

Chiung-Wen CHANG, Hui-Ting HUANG

Management of the pathway for abortion in a family care centre. The experience of Trento (North-East of Italy)

Riccardo PERTILE, Rossella MAZZA, Vera PIZZO, Mariangela PEDRON, Silvano PIFFER

The Evaluation Study of Parent-child relationship groups for preterm infants

Li Nien HAN, Nai Jung LAI, Huei Jen LAI, Shu Chen LEE

The Narrative Story of a Maternal and Child Health Educator

Lilian Wang, HSIN-YI YANG, Wei CHEN

Evaluation of the use of developmentally supportive care on the dependence on aerophore for oxygen and increase physical development of the newborns


Effect of the Early use of a Lactation Aid on Enhancing Exclusive Breastfeeding Rate and Maternal Confidence of early stage of postpartum

Li-Lin WANG, Tzu-Chuan HSU, Hui-Ting HUANG

Coordinating multi-units caring systems to promote the rate of exclusive breastfeeding six months after delivering babies

Mei-Feng CHEN, Ya-Ting CHUNG, Hui-Ping HSU, Yu-Chuan SHEN, Pei-Lin LIAO, Hui-Ling LIU, Shu-Ting CHUANG, Sou-Hsin CHIEN


Health promotion for school-aged children

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

ProWeBs Promoting Well Being at School


Physical Activity Program of University-Industry Collaboration to Attenuate Obesity for CiJin Elementary Schools at Remote Island

Shu-Yuan JIAN, Yong-Chuan CHUN, Yen-Ling LU, Ding-Shun LIU

The effect of a computerized iBalance training program on the balance performance in children with developmental coordination disorder

Ciou Ru HOU, Rong Ju CHERNG

Health assessments of obese schoolchildren in Korea

Jieun CHU, Eunhee NAH, EunJoo KWON, Jong-Yil CHAI

Dietary behaviors of primary school children in Kaohsiung City

Chin-Chia CHENG, Li-Ling LIU, I-Fen LIANG, John-Ping HUANG

Nutritional care of children with mental and growth retardation in community

Shu-Chen KO, Hsin-Ting YU, Chia-Ching LIN

Effectiveness of Hospital Intervention in Elementary School Health Promotion

Ching-Cheng LIN, Ken-Shu LEE, Chun-Chi TASI, Ming-Ku CHUNG, Chi-Ren LI

The Influence of Career Exploration Group on the Career Awareness and Vocational Values of Middle School Students

Chien-Yuan LI, Yen-Chen HUANG, Shih-Yun CHIEN, Hung-Yu HSIEH, En-Tien YEH

A Study on the Cognitive Effect of Improving Healthy Behavior among School Children and Adolescents

Ta-Chuan HUNG, Tsu-Hsueh HUANG, Shin-I LU

Effect of hepatitis B vaccination in hepatitis B surface antibody-negative students among south Taiwan high school

Jih-Kuei YEH, Chia-Hui CHEN

Lifestyles and health among adolescents: the problem of smoking among young people aged 11-19 in Italy

Giuseppe GORINI, Cristina MARCHESI, Marco TAMELLI, Sandra BOSI

Used partnerships to promotion health promotion of Adolescent

Yi-Lin SU, Chiu-Hui WU, Yen-Ting SHEN, Chih-Chieh CHANG, Jui-Neng YANG, Yu-Chin LEE

Social-demographic factors of betel quid chewing in Taiwanese adolescent students

Ying-Wei WANG, Ran-Chou CHEN, Yann-Yuh JOH, Yuan-Ting C. LO, Chen-Yuan WU

Encouraging youth patients’s acceptability for nebulization therapy through rewarding plans

Ya-Chen HE, Chi-Chen HSU, Chao-Lin WANG, Shu-Ting CHUANG, Sou-Hsin CHIEN


Health promotion for the elderly

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

Care Coordinator Program for elderly patients


A salient medical system for personal health indexing assessment

Yu-Shan HSU, Ming-Fu HSU

The characteristics of nursing home residents and association factors of acute hospitalization

Seo Eun HWANG, Soo Hyoung LEE, Hye Min CHO, Jae Chul KIM, Joo Yeon KIM, Moo Young KIM

Elderly Patients with Respiratory Failure: Risk Factors and Outcome Evaluated by SOFA score

Chi-Ting LI, Ming-Chieh LEE

It's like my second home-Tamsui North Coast Elderly Day Care Center

Hsiangyi CHEN, Shu-Chen LEE, Li-Li TSAI, Yu-Shin CHANG

The associated factors of unexpected re-admission for elderly patients in a regional hospital in Taiwan

Chia-Li HSIAO, Li-Chen SUN

Increasing Nasogastric Intubation Removal Rate by Swallowing Training and Food Thickener

Mei-Chuan WU, Chia-Ling CHIANG, Ming-Tsung LEE, Chia-Wen LU, Heng-Yi TENG

The Outcomes for "Animal-Assisted Therapy" for Senior Patients with Dementia

I-Ping HSU, Pei-Chien HSU, Ya-Chun YANG, Hui-Ni TSAI

Associations among Health Behavior, Mental Health Status and Cognitive Status of Elderly of Health Examination-Using a Medical Center as an Example

Hsiu-Lan LEE

The effect of automated physiological monitoring system for elderly with hypertension on a community hospital

Yi Lien LIU, Pei Chun YANG, Wan Ling CHEN, Ren-Shi SHYU, Chiung Lang WANG

The Effectiveness of Applying Margin Theory in Elderly Suicide Caring Visiting

Yi-Wen LIAN, Hsueh-Yin WANG, Fu-Nung HSU, Ching-Mien LIAO, Huei-Lan LU

The job achievement of elderly volunteers by analysis "The satisfaction questionnaires survey in Cardinal Tien Hospital Xindian"

Chiung Ying LEE

A Study to Explore the Care-giving Experiences on the Primary Caregivers and the Related Factors


Using Systematic Nursing Instruction To Help Elder Patients With Pneumonia For Lung Expansion

Shu-Chuan CHIANG, Jia-Ci JHUANG, Szu-Yu LAI, Mei-Chuan WU, Heng-Yi TENG, Ssu-Wei HUANG

A Family Caregiver's Retrospect: Reflection on Hospice at Home

Yu-Hui HUANG, I-Min WANG, Hsin-Yi YANG, Wei CHEN

Medical care Out of Fence: The Experience in Taking Care of One Oncological Elderly in Terminal stage

Lee-Fen CHANG, Hui-Wen PAI, Wei CHEN

Experience , Acknowledge , Attitudes and demand of education toward advance directive among Pre-Clinical medical students



Diverse age-friendly care initiatives

Venue: BIG Hörsaal

Development of health promotion program for elderly

Dong Kyun PARK, Eun Young JUNG, Hyung Wook KANG, Jungyeon HEO

Risk Assessment of Osteoporotic Fractures among People Aged Over 50 in Hualien County

Chien-Ju CHEN, Yea-Pyng LIN, Wan-Hsin CHEN, Ping-Han LIN

A Novel Design "Magic Clam" for Shoulder Contracture

Chun Chieh WU, Ying Li CHEN

Study on the Relationship between the Social-Support of Patients Undergoing Primary Hip Replacemen and Self-Efficacy for Function Ability in a Medical Center of Southern Taiwan

Pei-Shan LEE, Yuu-Tzy HUANG

The Illness Experience of Elderly Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients Receiving Continuous Treatment

Li-Ming LI, Hung-Ru LIN, Lo-Yip YU, Si-Hsuan CHEN, Te-Hsin CHANG, Mei-Yu LEE

Creative Diabetes Education in Seniors patients at Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taiwan

Mei-Chen CHANG, Chun-Chuan LEE, Shiow-Ling TSAI, Jui-Ying LIN, Pei-Chen LI, Shu-Ping WEI

Establishing a Patient Recall Program for Elderly Patients with Higher Colorectal Adenoma Prevalence

Wei-Chun CHENG, Shu-Fang WU, Chiu-Ying CHEN, Bor-Shyang SHEU

Improvement of urinary incontinence for elderly suffered from cerebral apoplexy through pelvis muscle exercise

Shu-Ping HUANG, Yi-Fan TSAI

Creating an Age - Friendly environment by the implementation of Bundle Care for prevention of catheter-associated urinary tract infections at a medical center

Hsin-Hsin CHANG, Ying-Ying CHANG, Kwei-Lien TIEN, Jann-Tay WANG, Wang-Huei SHENG

Evaluation on the effectiveness in using low frequency laser therapy in treating wound of decubitus chronicus

Lang-Fang HSIAO, Yi-Fan TSAI

Nursing Intervention on Prevention for Elderly Fall in the Hospital of Taiwan

Szu-Ting FANG, Huei-Lan LU, Shu-Hua SHEN

A review of reduce the use of physical restraint in a nursing home

Ming-Yu CHEN


Community health promotion

Venue: Kleiner Hörsaal Tiefparterre

Health Promotion Strategies to Improve Community Awareness of Early Signs & Symptoms of Stroke in United Christian Hospital

Chung Tsang Mick YU, Yin Ming TAM, Siu Keung TANG, Yuen Bing NG, Suet Wan LAM, Sau King WONG, Harriet LO, Eric WONG, Kasey LUNG, Andy CHAN, Peggy HUI, Maurice WAN, Echo CHAN, Peggy LEE, Jacky LAM, Yim Yi CHAN, Esther POON, Dara LEE, Vikie WONG, Ryan CHAN, Chun Kong CHAN, Ka Yin CHEUNG, Ping Wing NG

Health promotion for the risk of heat stroke in the living environment of poverty

Motohiro FUJII, Giichiro OHNO

Different Types of Health Examination and People Satisfaction Related Research-Chiayi City Integrated Health Screening as an Example

Tz-Jie LIU, Mei-Tsu CHEN, Sheng-Hsiung HUANG, Shiing-Jer TWU

Behavioral Health Survey of General Public Over 20 Years Old in a District of Taiwan

Yi-Hui LIN, Yi-Ching SU, Yen-Chen HUANG, Hung-Yu HSIEH, En-Tien YEH

The cost-effectiveness of a three-year community-based health management program in improving health condition among low socioeconomic people in Taichung, Taiwan

Pi-Shan HSU, Ying-Liang Lu, Yu-Hui LIN YANG, Ming-Yu CHEN, Day-Yu CHAO, Chung-Liang LAI

Setting up a health promotion service model to remote area with the combination of social and medical resources

Hui-Jen CHEN, Yu-Xin ZHANG, Chen-Lai MA, San-Ank LEE

Share the pervention medical service to build a healthy community

Chung-Ying LU, Shu-Ling WU, Hsiung-Fei CHIEN

Education of self-care and allergy control in community and family

Li-Ching FANG, Jen-Yu WANG

Establishment of healthy promotion environment in the community for an example of the Increasing access to medical treatment to influenza vaccination injection

Yu-Ting CHENG, Wei-Jung TSENG, Yu-Kuei LIAO, Li-Shiang CHIANG, Cheng-Chih KAO

Strategies to Improve Influenza Vaccination among Adults Aged 50 Years and Older

Wan Chen LI, Hung Ju TSENG

Using Health Information System(HIS) to increase healthy promotion for influenza vaccination in patients

Cheng-Chih KAO, Pei-Fang CHIA, Ming-Li KUO, Chung-Chen LEE, Tzu-Yao CHANG, Fang-Fei HSIAO, Liso-Yu KUEI, Mei Hui Chang CHANG

Competencies and Responsibilities of Health Education Specialist in South Korea

Young-Bok KIM, Hyekyeong KIM

The evaluation health education to elevate correct medication knowledge and ability in community

Yi-Fen LEI, Chih-Fang CHEN, Ya-Hui CHANG, Wei-Ying LEE

Community health promotion for noting DNR and no LST will in NHI card

Ru-Yih CHEN, Tzu-Ya HUANG, Hon-Jhe CHEN, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Different ways of skin care education in Atopic dermatitis

Jen-Yu WANG, Li-Ching FANG

Association between postprandial Glucose and Intraocular Pressure

Tung-Wei KAO, Chen-Jung WU, Wei-Liang CHEN, Li-Wei WU, Chung-Ching WANG, Tao-Chun PENG

Application of Regular Comparison to Improve SMBG Accuracy by Community Hospital:Taiwan Experience

Chia-Jen WANG, Yu-Chi LIU

Analysis of Injury Pattern and its Prevention- a case in the Xizhi District of New Taipei City

Yi-Lin SU, Chin-Hsiang WANG, De-Ren YANG, Chih-Chieh CHANG, Jui-Neng YANG, Yu-Chin LEE

Health Behavior and Satisfaction with Life among Retirees in Taiwan

Shu-Chiao SHEN, Hui-Ting HUANG

Community Screening Of Dementia

Chun-Ying CHIEN, Hui-Ting HUANG, Ying-Hsiang CHUO, Kuan-Hung LIN


Tobacco-free health services

Venue: Kleiner Hörsaal Tiefparterre

How to create an all-directional tobacco-free hospital

Chi-Chen HUANG, Wei-Chun HSUEH, Chin-Yun CHEN, Feng-Ching SUN

Used WHO Healthy Workplace Model to Promote Tobacco Control Program in Hospital

Yi-Lin SU, Nuan-Ting HUANG, Chao-Chieh CHENG, Ying-Hsien CHUNG, Chiu-Hui WU, Chih-Chieh CHANG, Jui-Neng YANG, Yu-Chin LEE

Discussion on effectiveness of smoking cessation clinic

Chia-Yu WU, Su-Fen CHENG, Jui-Lan HUNG, Mine-Kuei LIN, Meei-Jyhi HUANG, Mei-Feng YANG, Chiou-Ling SU, Chin-Fang CHANG, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Grasp the golden opportunity to promote health~ Discussion on effectiveness of patients' smoking cessation

Su-Fen CHENG, Jui-Lan HUNG, Mine-Kuei LIN, Meei-Jyhi HUANG, Chia-Yu WU, Mei-Feng YANG, Chiou-Ling SU, Chin-Fang CHANG, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Increase Frequency of smoking cessation consultation improved success rate of smoking cessation

Mei-Jen LIN, Choo-Aun NEOH, Bao-Chen CHEN, Teck-Siang TOK

Applying Nursing Information System to Raise the Rate of Smoking Cessation in Hospitalized Patients

Ya-Hsiu CHANG, Ren-Shi SHYU, Yi-Fan PAN, Xue-Yu CAI, Pei-Chun YANG

The Effectiveness of Using Hope Theory in Smoking Cessation -A Experience of Psychiatric Recovery Home in Southern of Taiwan

Yu-Chun TSAI, Hsueh-Yin WANG, Huei-Lan LU

Social Support Associated with Smoking Cessation Behavior for Coronary Heart Disease Inpatients

Yen Ping TSAI, Nae Fang MIAO, Fang-Chun WEI

"No Smoking And A Life Long Heath":The Effectiveness of Health Education Program for Tobacco cessation at Kaohsiung Municipal Min-Sheng Hospital.

Mei-Yen CHANG, Jia-Rong CAI, Hsien-Ju LEE, Ciou-Sia YU, Chun-Huang Lai, Chia-Chi Yen

A Report on the Results of Smoking Cessation Classes at Hospital - Professional workplace smoking cessation for health, work, and well-being

Yi-Ju LEE, Hsiu-Mei LIN, Shu-Chen LEE, Wei-Hsin HUANG

For a patient-friendly environment

Ling-Ling CHOU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Outcome of continuous effort for smoking cessation at work places

Ueno KANNA, Takai YOSHIE, Kimura MIHO, Koike AKIO, Inamura MAYUMI, Shinobi TETSUYA, Fukuba ISAO, Hirasawa KAORU

Conflicts and Compromises in Only Non-Smoker Hiring: Experiences from Smoke-Free Network Hospitals in Taiwan.

Hsiu-Ling WANG, Yuan-Han YANG, Ming-Yen HSIEH, Hui-Chung LIU, Aij-Lie KWAN, Joon-Khim LOH


Chronic disease management

Venue: Kleiner Hörsaal Tiefparterre

Home hospitalization service: Organisation and technical aspects

Federico RUGGERI, Lorella MOZZONI, Liliana SANCHEZ, Mariano BARBERINI

Clustering of health risk factors related with chronic disease in Korea population

Jiwan KANG, Songmi LEE, Yeonji KIM, Yeji LEE, Ji Ye KIM, Yuri KIM, Kwang Suk KO, Min Soo LEE, Hyekyeong KIM

Refilling prescriptions through an online booking system in Southern Taiwan

Pi-Chao HSU, Hui-Min CHANG, Ming-Chin YEH, E.K. LEE, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Association between noise induced hearing and endothelial progenitor cell loss in the workers

Wei-Liang CHEN, Tao-Chun PENG, Tung-Wei KAO, Li-Wei WU, Chung-Ching WANG, Chen-Jung WU, Fang-Yih LIAW

Evaluation of asthma disease management and Asthma Pay-for-Performance program under National Health Insurance in a Medical Center in Southern Taiwan.

Yu-Wen CHEN, Hsiao-Fen LIN

The experience of health education about mite avoidance measures in asthmatic patients

Hsiao-Fen LIN, Yu-Wen CHEN

Improving ten most chief complaints of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients by mobile nursing education model

Tsung-Huai KUO, Hui-Fei CHEN, Yu-Huey HUANG, Ya-Ling KUO, Ai-Wei SHIH, Shu-Ling LEE

Quality of Life and associated factors among Ischemic Stroke Patients

HeyJean LEE, Young Kwon PARK, Ji Young MOON, Hye Yeon JANG, Kyoung Hee LEE, Sung Heon KIM, Yong Hoon KIM

Factors associated with awareness of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) symptoms among Korean patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI)

Hee-Sook KIM, Sang Jun EUN

Building a culture of health with a patient centered health care model for chronic HCV patients

Shu-Fang WU, Wen-Chun LIN, Su-Chin YANG, Yu-Wen CHEN, Wei-Chun CHENG, Pin-Nan CHENG

Catch my event, Tag me to society

Juhee AHN

Utilizing Teamwork for Reducing the Delay of the Execution of First Electrocardiogram in Acute Coronary Artery Syndrome

Chao-Lin WANG, Wen-Cong WANG, Yu-Ru LI, Shin-Yi YE, Shu-Ting CHUANG, Sou-Hsin CHIEN

Quality improvement method can improve rate of early mobilization in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Cheng-Chung HUNG, Wei-Chun HUANG, Jin-Shiou YANG, Guang-Yuan MAR, Pei-Leun KANG, Jin-Shiung CHENG, Chun-Peng LIU

Improvement of risk factors for coronary heart disease by team - based care: A community hospital report

Ying-Lin LEE, Chia-Chi YEN, Chun-Huang LAI, Min-Yi LEE

Fight for Bone Loss - A Holistic Care Protocol of Osteoporosis in Southern Taiwan

Mei-Ting TSENG, Yu-Feng SU, Yu-Jeng YEN, Chih-Lung LIN, Yushan HSU

Saving times for hemodialysis patient with access failure

Chin Yuan HU

Blood pressure, Fluid gain Status Comparisons in Different Shifts of Hemodialysis Patients

Wan Shan CHIANG, Chiu Hsiang HUANG, Yi Ling CHANG, Jyh Chang HWANG

The Necessity of Fabry Disease Screening in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Chia-Shing SUNG, Jhao-Yan CHEN, He-Syong JHNG, Heng-Yi TENG

Effects of Head Posture on Oxygenation Saturation, Comfort, and Dyspnea in Patients With Liver Cirrhosis-Related Ascites

Wen-Chuan HSU, Lun-Hui HO, Mei-Hsiang LIN, Rui-Hsiang LIN

Purple NG bag phenomenon

Chris KAO


Diabetes management

Venue: Kleiner Hörsaal Tiefparterre

The Effectiveness of Diabetes Shared Care on Improving Health Promotion Behaviors in Patients with Diabetes

Shao-Hua CHAN, Ming-Yan TSAI, Yu-Wen CHEN, Ge-Lin CHIU, Jing-Jy WANG

The Effect of Diversified Education on the Self–management for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitust

Ai-Wei SHIH, Ching-Fen WANG, Chi-Chun HOU, Ling-Ting HUANG, Ming-Chuan HSIEH, Yu-Ching LI

Pay-for-Performance Programs in Diabetes Care: The Perspective of Medical Satisfaction and Value Co-creation

Yu-Hua YAN

Effect of the Pay-for-Performance Program for Diabetes in Taiwan


Medical Resource Utilization of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with versus without Cardiovascular Complication

Cheng-Fen HUANG, Chieh-Fan CHEN, Shu-Lin CHEN

Using "Diabetes Conversation MAP" to Enhance Insulin Perception of Diabetic Patients

Chin-Hui WANG, Shih-Che CHEN, Shu-Ling LEE, Ai-Wei SHIH, Kuo-Pao CHEN

Prevalence of comorbidities among patients with type 2 diabetes

Suyoung KIM, Eunhee NAH, Seokhee HAN, Jong-Yil CHAI

Comparable Immunogenicity between Patients with Diabetes, Obesity, Diabesity and Healthy Adults

Chia-Sheng KUO, Chien-Hsieh CHIANG, Shou-Hung HUNG, Guan-Ru CHEN, Kuo-Chin HUANG

A Study on the Current Status in the use of oral antidiabetic drugs by outpatients with diabetes in a Regional Hospital in Northern Taiwan

Po-Jen SHIH, Yu-Wen LIN, Nan-Ping YANG, Ching-Feng LIN

To Promote A Healthy Diet Knowledge Program for Diabetic Patients

Yu-Hui LIN, Li-Chen SU, Chun-Huang LAI, Chia-Chi YEN

Consumption of fructooligosaccharides have no effect of enterocyte damage in patient with diabetes

Yi-Cheng HOU, Yi-Yin LIN, Hao-Wen LIU

Prescriptive appropriateness of insulin therapy in hospital and continuity of hospital-community care


Performance of Diabetes Share Care in Taiwan

Ran-Chou CHEN, Hui-Lan LEE, Hsiao-Chu HSUEH, Shu-Li CHIA

Effect of diabetes prevention program for high-risk individuals with prediabetes in a HPH of Korea

Eunhee NAH, Jieun CHU, Jeonghee LEE, Seokhee HAN, Jong-Yil CHAI

Nationwide Medical Resource Utility in Diabetes with Cardiovascular Complications

Chin-Ming SU, Chieh-Fan CHEN, Xun-Zhi ZENG, Shu-Lin CHEN

Healthcare Utilities of Hospitalized Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Cardiovascular Complication:A Cross-Sectional Study in Taiwan

Cheng-Fen HUANG, Chieh-Fan CHEN, Shu-Lin CHEN



Venue: Kleiner Hörsaal Tiefparterre

A Study of Participative Satisfaction of Teenage Volunteers: Using A Hospital In The Southern Area of Taiwan As An Example

Shiow-Ching LIANG, Yu-Ling WU, Chia-Chi YEN, Chun-Hung LAI

The purpose of this study is to explore the epidemiology of Hansen’s Diseases in Taiwan

Li-Ling WU, Huey Jen LAY

Evaluation of elevating responaut’s bed head by 20 to 30 degree to prevent respiratory tract infections


The rate of prophylactic antibiotics be used within one hour before surgical incision

Chia-Chi YEN, Chun-Huang LAI, Ta-Kuan LI, Ming-Fen CHENG, Yu-Hsuan WANG, Yu-Zhen XIAO

The predictors of Computed Tomography Utilization in Traumatic Brain Injury at Emergency Department

Qi-Zhen XIE, Shu-Lin CHEN

How to Improve Trauma Care in a Medical Center


Epidemiologic Characteristics of Traumatic Brain Injury at Emergency Department in Taiwan

Min-Jen YU, Chieh-Fan CHEN, Xun-Zhi ZENG, Shu-Lin CHEN

National Trends in Application of Computed Tomography among Traumatic Brain Injury at Emergency Department

Min-Jen YU, Chieh-Fan CHEN, Xun-Zhi ZENG, Shu-Lin CHEN

Direct Medical Costs of Hospitalized Traumatic Brain Injury: A Cross-Sectional Study in Taiwan

Ching-Yi CHEN, Chieh-Fan CHEN, Xun-Zhi ZENG, Shu-Lin CHEN

Medical Utilization among Patients with Cerebrovascular Disease Affecting in Taiwan

Chen-Luan LU, Yu Hua YAN

To Improve the Effectiveness of Retinal Examination in Show Chwan Memorial Hospital in Taiwan

Hsin-Yi LO, Ming-Shiu TSENG, Shu-Ling LEE, Ai-Wei SHIN, Cian-Ci JHANG

Evaluation of the use of chewing gum to improve extreme thirst of long term Haemodialysis Patients


Improve Hypophosphatemia Diet Compliance Rate in Hemodialysis Cases

Ya-Hsun TU, Wen-Chen SU, Fang-Wei YU, Chao-Lin WANG, Shu-Ting CHUANG, Sou-Hsin CHIEN

Sex and Preparation Agent Choice Is Associated with Adequate Bowel Preparation- Keystone Data for Colonoscopy Quality Improvement

Wei-Chun CHENG, Chiu-Ying CHEN, Shu-Fang WU

Factors Related to Bowel Preparation before Colonoscopy

Yi-Shiuan CHEN, Yen-Ting KUO, Yu-Han CHANG, Yat-Shing CHAN

Risk factors of falls in leprosy residents

Huey Jen LAY, Shu Chen KUO, Yueh Juen HWU

The efficiency of urinary catheter bundle care and early urinary catheter removal on reducing urinary tract infection

Pei-Shan Lin LIN, Jia-Yu WENG, Chi-Chien LU, Jia-Rong LYU, Chiu-Yen CHEN, Jin-Shiung CHENG

The influence to catheter related urinary infection by application of [catheter evaluation, reminder, feedback] catheter removal mechanism

Ming-Shiuan HUANG, Hsing-Chi CHUNG, Kang-Pan CHEN, Hsueh-Chih CHOU, Yun-Yu WU, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Implementation of Bundle Care to Prevention of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections at Intensive Care Unit

Yueh-Ju CHEN, Hsing-Chi CHING, Yami LU, Jui-Kuang CHEN, Hung-Chin TSAI, Jin-Shiung CHENG

Investigation of Survival Rate Prediction in ICU

Tsung-Lung TSAI, Shu-Chao LIN, Ying-O CHEN, Miao-Ju FANG, Kai-Ling CHANG, Hsien-Yi LO

Reducing the risk of metal contaminants in Patient’s Meal

Tsungwen LIU, Chin-Pao CHENG, Shyr-Chyr CHEN, Hui-Chuen CHEN, Pei-Chen HSIO